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How to Avoid Mechanical Issues with a Guaranteed Back-Up & Recovery Plan

As any frequent private jet flyer knows, mechanical issues can cause quite the headache during a charter trip. From lengthy delays to pricey additional costs, guests may face many inconveniences—if they don’t have a proper recovery plan in place with the right provider. Discover how you can avoid dealing with the hassles of mechanical issues by securing a guaranteed back-up plan with Magellan Jets.

How do mechanical issues affect private jet flights?

When pre-flight mechanical issues occur on a charter trip, they often result in delays and other difficulties.

In these cases, guests and the companies they work with are left to scramble to find the next best options available. As if dealing with a delay wasn’t enough, finding a new flight to take its place is also a major inconvenience that usually comes with a large price tag, depending on where you’re flying from.

For example, if there’s a mechanical while you’re departing St. Kitts en route to New York City, you’ll probably need to reposition a super-mid aircraft from nearby Florida, which is about three hours away. If the estimated rate was $8,000 per hour, you’d likely have to pay an additional $24,000 or more for repositioning, on top of the cost for the flight to New York City.

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Additionally, when mechanicals happen to fractional owners who work with large companies that own their own fleet, other issues may occur. Overall, these providers want to recover trips using their own aircraft and equipment because it’s more cost effective for them. However, the passenger is forced to wait for an in-fleet aircraft that could be several hours away.

Securing a Guaranteed Back-Up & Recovery Plan

In order to protect yourself from the hassles of mechanical issues, jet card and membership programs serve as the ultimate insurance plan for your private aviation needs.

Most other companies only worry about fleet optimization and using member funds to cover operational expenses, which basically means you’re investing in an airline. However, with Magellan Jets, the focus is always on optimizing the guest experience. By choosing our jet card ownership or membership, you know that you’re only investing in your travel.

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With health and safety always at the forefront, our model allows us to audit each operator on a trip-by-trip basis through the use of the Magellan Jets Preferred Network (MJPN), ensuring aircraft and crew adhere to our strict sanitization standards and COVID-19 protocols.

When it comes to having a back-up plan for mechanical issues, jet card ownership and membership make it easy to secure a recovery flight option with no additional costs. Since the Magellan Jets Flight Support team always has the aircraft arrive at a fixed base operator (FBO) at least two hours prior to departure, it also makes it more convenient to reposition a new aircraft while minimizing any chance of a delay.

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