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Top 5 Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holidays approaching, some may be beginning to brainstorm gift ideas for friends and family. To help streamline the tedious process of gift searching, check out our top 5 luxury holiday gift ideas for this season:

1. 24K Gold-Plated DJI Phantom 4 Drone


Equipped with a 4K camera, this 24-karat gold drone has the ability to take extraordinary photos with little piloting skills needed. Perfect for the gadget lover who wants to stand out, this exclusive drone is priced at about $24,000.

2. Amphibious ATV


As the world’s first high-speed all-terrain vehicle, this ATV has the ability to travel on land and in water. With the capability of raising its wheels to a 45 degree angle and switching to jet drive, the Amphibious ATV from Hammacher Schlemmer is a perfect gift for those who don’t want to choose between land or water.

3. Challenger 300 Jet Card Membership


With a Magellan Jets Challenger 300 Membership, passengers will enjoy a spacious cabin that offers more than enough room to work or relax. Its impressive capabilities, runway performance, and airport accessibility will have you arriving at your destination in no time. For a limited time, your purchase of a Challenger 300 Membership from Magellan Jets comes with a complimentary 5-hour Hawker 400XP Jet Card, a perfect stocking stuffer for your family or friends.

4. Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker


The “Tell-Me-How” cocktail shaker is made from sterling silver and gold, and is perfect for any bartender or cocktail connoisseur who enjoys the finest equipment. The shaker is easy to use, displaying various cocktails and their respective recipe measurements. The Tell-Me-How Cocktail Shaker is priced at about $10,000.

5. Pegase Legere 55 Suitcase


Perfect for the avid traveler, the Pegase Legere 55 suitcase by Louis Vuitton is timeless and elegant. Available in a variety of colors and materials, this suitcase is priced at about $3,550.

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