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Top Caribbean Destinations Earning $867 Million From Private Jet Travelers

Recently, Elite Travel Magazine revealed a report on the top ten destinations that enjoyed the benefits of private jet charter flights to the Caribbean during the peak winter season. From November 2013 to April 2014, the ten destinations brought in revenue of $867 million from 12,566 flights. The number one spot went to Nassau in the Bahamas and was followed by St. Maarten and Turks and Caicos. The top three locations accounted for half of those flights and nearly $478 million in revenue.

Minimize Your Risk When Using Private Jet Charter Companies

Minimize Your Risk When Using Private Jet Charter Companies
Five Questions to Ask Your Air Charter Service, to help you manage your risk and ensure a quality and reputable organization is handling your private charter flight. Written By: Bryan Burns; President of Air Charter Safety Foundation

New Google Glass App For Flight Attendants Onboard Private Jets

Honeywell Aerospace has announced a new Google Glass App that will provide flight attendants onboard private jets access to hands-free cabin information without running to the nearest display screen. The glass will allow flight crews to view passenger information, control cabin or cock pit area, estimate time of arrival and more. While current onboard monitors can provide this information, the Google Glass gives discreet access to the information which in return means enhanced attention to the passenger.

Private Jet of The Day: Challenger 601

The Challenger 601 is a large private jet that caters specifically to traveler comfort. With a cabin width of 8.2 feet and height of 6.1 feet, the Challenger comfortably holds eight to twelve people, with the option to accompany 19. Despite the large cabin size, the Challenger 601 still retains a transcontinental range and the ability to travel 3,500 nautical miles nonstop. Powered by two General Electric CF34-3A engines, the Challenger 601 boasts a typical cruising speed of 488MPH and the ability to operate at 45,000 feet. If you require a large and spacious jet capable of cross country flights, look no further than the Challenger 601.

Nike’s Ultimate Private Jet Concept: A 40,000 Ft Luxury Lounge

Teague and Nike recently collaborated to repurpose the floor plan of a 400-passenger jet to attend to 13 VIP athletes. The private jet was designed to help boost performance for travelling sports teams. The super-luxurious concept jet provides the athletes with ultimate comfort and support. No need to worry about loss of rest, cramped muscles or groggy players; this new jet will restore, refuel, and rebuild. Get an inside glimpse of the futuristic looking jet below:

The Most Exclusive Private Jet Tour of Italy!

An 8 day exclusive private jet tour Italy package to Florence & Venice. This once in a lifetime trip will provide customers with private access to historical museums, tours of Italy’s finest palazzos, and dining opportunities with Italian Aristocracy. Groups of up to 14 people can take the tour, leaving from their local US airport by private jet and flying directly to Florence. The program if fully inclusive of all accommodation, meals, wines, guides and admission fees.

But I Own a Private Jet, Why Would I Need a Jet Card Too?

That’s Simple. Jet cards provide aircraft owners access to an aircraft when theirs is not available. It is a cost effective way to bridge the gap between travel when necessary. Jet cards are an easy way to pre-purchase charter flights at a locked in price. This gives private jet owners a quick, cost effective solution when an issue arises with their jet.

Flight Procedures for Private Jets to U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Southern Pines, NC
June 7 – June 22, 2014

In anticipation of a large number of private aircraft traveling to the U.S. Open and operating to and from the Southern Pines, NC area, the following procedures will be used to enhance safety and minimize air traffic delays.

How Much Luggage Can You Take On Board A Private Jet?

How Much Luggage Can You Take On board a Private Jet?
Are you chartering a private jet soon and curious about how much luggage you can take on board the jet? Consulting with your Private Jet Charter Consultant will provide you the best answer, but here’s some insightful information that could help you determine how much to pack before your trip.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Private Jet Charter Broker

Researching and booking a private jet on your own can be overwhelming! If you do not have much knowledge about the industry, the researching alone can be a tedious task. Thankfully, there are private jet charter brokers who can help alleviate the entire burden. An experienced charter broker can provide you with numerous benefits you might not have even considered!

Tips for Chartering a Private Jet to the 2014 World Cup

It’s that time again; the World Cup is set to “kick-off” next month in Brazil! Held just once every four years, the World Cup is a major tournament of stunning atmosphere, excitement and anticipation. This summer’s event will put Brazil in the spotlight and it will stay through the World Cup and the Olympics to follow in 2016.
While Brazil is preparing themselves for the big event, fans should be doing the same when it comes to private jet travel to the World Cup. More than half a million soccer fans are planning to descend on the host country to enjoy the festivities and according to Aviation International News, close to 11 percent of those fans will arrive via private charters. With the foreshadowing of overcrowded airports, many host cities airports will be subject to a slot system for the duration of the tournament. Magellan Jets has already seen an increase of requests for private flights to the World Cup. Our number one tip would be to book early!

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