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10 Things You Need to Know About Flying with Pets

Flying private with pets has become an increasingly popular way of travel given the safety concerns, as well as strict rules and regulations passengers are subject to on commercial flights. Having your pet treated closer to luggage than a passenger in cargo probably doesn’t sit well with most owners who see their pets as family members.  As experts in pet travel, Magellan Jets can schedule rest-stops, place toys on board, and even have crews assigned that are extra pet-friendly.  Here are some key things you’ll want to know to ensure your pet has the most comfortable flight experience.

10 Tips for Flying with Pets

flying with pets aboard a plane with pomaranian spitz in a travel bag

1. Check For Proper Vaccinations and Customs Documentations

Vaccinations vary depending on who you are flying with and your destination of choice. Some places can be very lenient and loosely check vaccinations and documentations. However, certain destinations, like Hawaii and international locations, have extremely strict laws regarding pet vaccinations and it can be a challenge to travel with your pet there.

2. Dogs Should Be On a Leash At All Times

Safety is always the most important thing and that does not change when a dog is traveling with you. Whether it be on the ramp to the aircraft or in the air, dogs and other pets able to wander off must either be on a leash or in-hand.

3. There Is a Difference In Regulations For Small and Large Pets

Small pets are often required to be placed in a carrier and strapped in by a seatbelt. Larger pets however, most often considered anything over 150 pounds, have to be counted as passengers because their weight is closer to a person than it is to an animal. Large pets also have to occupy a seat at all times and cannot wander about the plane.

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4. It Is Safer For Dogs to Fly With a Body Harness Than a Neck Collar

Although most dogs are brought on airplanes with neck collars, the safest way for them to fly actually is with a body harness. Small dogs may be able to get away with a neck collar given their weight, but larger dogs need a harness to safely keep them in their seat in case of turbulence.

5. A Cabin Attendant Must Accompany Pets Flying Alone

Pets flying alone by private jet can be treated with almost as much attention as a small child. A cabin attendant must accompany the pet at all times and some companies will go to extreme lengths to make the pet feel comfortable while flying. Magellan Jets can make a number of pet-specific accommodations that will make your pet feel right at home.

6. Disclose All Information About Your Pets Beforehand 

Most private jet brokers and operators can plan ahead for travel with pets. They can create specific profiles for travelers who frequently bring pets and include them in the itinerary. However, neglecting to notify your operator can cause major confusion, delays and other countless other headaches it they are not prepared for your pets arrival.

7. Check For Proper Safety Equipment For Pets 

It is not something most passengers think of, but if for some reason there is a malfunction with your plane while traveling, you’ll want your animal to have access to the necessary safety features. Always check with your operator ahead of time to make sure there is proper safety equipment on board for your pet.

8. Update Your Pet’s ID tags

Traveling is hectic enough and it can get even worse if your dog scurries off while you are checking a bag. It is pretty common for pets to get lost in airports, but it is a quick fix with the proper ID tags.

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9. Remind Your Pet Of Home

In many cases, it can be an overwhelming experience for a pet to get on an airplane. The long and, at times, tedious process can take a toll on your pet.  Having toys, bowls or anything that will remind your pet of home can distract them from a long flight.

10. Don’t Feed Your Pet Too Much 

More often than not, pets can get anxiety or travel sickness while being in an unfamiliar aircraft for an extended period of time.  This often results in sickness, and even worse, vomiting.  A sick dog on a plane does not make for a fun trip.

Private Jet Pet Services with Magellan Jets

No matter where you are traveling with your pet, it is crucial to go through a necessary checklist to ensure your pet will be as comfortable as you are while traveling.  Magellan Jets knows your pet is like family, which is why we treat them that way.  Check out our pet friendly jet card ownership, pay-as-you-go membership and on-demand charter options to ensure your pet is not only in good hands, but in your hands!

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