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Carbon offsetting 101 basics for private jet travelers going green

Carbon Offsetting 101: The Basics You Should Know

As society aims to become greener, many are considering the impact of their carbon footprint on the world. In particular, activities like flying, driving, and traveling in general require a large carbon output, which inevitably affects the planet. One hot topic that’s taken off among private jet travelers is carbon offsetting. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsetting counterbalance negative environmental impacts through the purchase of credits. The idea is to proactively counteract your activities’ potentially harmful carbon contributions by supporting environmentally positive initiatives. In other words, you’re offsetting your impact, returning to neutral ground or even leaving the Earth better than you found it.

According to?The Natural Resources Defense Council, “A long-distance flight using traditional jet fuel results in a lot of carbon pollution, which has an outsized effect on warming when emitted at cruising altitude. For those who choose to fly, high-quality carbon offsets provide a way to compensate in part for the harm to the climate.” While a flight itself still emits a high level of carbon, offsetting allows travelers to make positive contributions to even things out.

Offsetting impact levels of specific activities vary depending on the travel situation and other factors. For example, a flight’s length, duration, type of aircraft, and even where passengers sit, affect emission levels. Thankfully, many credible organizations make it easy to calculate carbon offsetting costs.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of these carbon credits is typically low or negligible. For example, you may need to purchase $10-20 worth of carbon credits to offset a flight between Los Angeles and New York City.

From office workers to private jet passengers, every human life impacts the Earth. However, working to lessen your impact or leave a positive legacy is both responsible and considerate to future generations.

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