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Flying Private VS. First Class

Flying private isn’t the only way to enjoy an elevated experience in the skies—some travelers opt to fly first class on commercial flights. As we’ve covered before, there are many ways to fly private and to optimize transit time for productivity and comfort.

However, while the private flight and commercial first class experiences are comparable to some degree, flying private and flying first class serve different purposes. When does flying private make sense over flying first class, and vice versa?

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The Experience: Private Flights and First Class 

During both a private flight and a first class commercial flight, travelers can expect to be treated to personalized, focused service aimed at ensuring that the in-flight experience is a comfortable and positive one. However, from there, the similarities are few.

In a first class seat, travelers are reserved a certain section of the plane, usually among a group of 20 or more others. The level of service the traveler experiences here—as well as the amount of privacy you have, your freedom, and the comfort level of your seat and surroundings—can vary widely across airlines and aircrafts. Some airlines provide a highly accommodating experience, and others merely provide a small area of the airplane equipped with larger seats.

Still, in some cases, it makes sense for businesses to opt for first class instead of a private flight. For example, if the business is only sending a few executives on a flight, it may be more cost-effective to purchase first class tickets rather than charter an entire flight. And in cases where time is not of the essence, or when connectivity in the air is not necessary, chartering a private flight may not be needed.

There’s also range to consider: first-class seats may be a better option for flying overseas, as the cost of chartering a jet that can make the long, cross-country haul may be much higher than the situation warrants.

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Why Fly Private?

For many travelers and corporations, flying private makes more business sense. One perk is that flying private circumvents crowds, airport security, and other inconveniences of flying commercial.

Moreover, when chartering a flight, the schedule is completely flexible—it is dependent upon the traveler’s needs, and travelers are granted the utmost privacy, discretion, freedom, and comfort. Executives are free to use a private flight as a sort of “conference room in the sky,” making more efficient use of their time in the air.

Plus, on charter flights, highly attentive service is the standard. Travelers can expect to find their flight stocked with amenities tailored to their needs, as well as a comfortable environment in which they can work, nap, chat, enjoy leisure time, or otherwise prepare for their destination however needed.

When flying private on a regular basis, it may make sense to opt for a jet membership, which provides a set rate and hours to use on business or leisure travel. Many businesses opt for a jet card membership in order to streamline their efforts and ensure their employees a productive environment between meetings and in-person obligations.

Even private aircraft owners sometimes opt to charter a flight if they require a specific aircraft or schedule to meet needs that are out of their ordinary, such as if they are traveling a longer distance or flying a larger group than usual. In that case, a jet membership may again make sense because it grants a specified number of hours on a specified aircraft.

Whether you are chartering a flight, looking into jet card memberships, or simply need to get where you’re going in the most convenient, quick, and comfortable way possible, we here at Magellan Jets can help.

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