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COVID-19 Prevention: Magellan Jets’ PureSky Safety Standard

Coronavirus safety depends on placing several layers in place to ensure the virus cannot be transmitted from one person to another. When it comes to COVID-19 prevention, there are five layers of safety involving people. All five layers have five common elements where specific behavior is required.


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The five common elements are:

1. Sanitation

Hands that remain constantly clean and no touching hand-to-face.

2. Personal protective equipment

Face coverings used whenever practicable.

3. Social distancing

At least six feet of distance to be maintained between strangers, no shaking hands, minimal conversation when within six feet of others.

4. Touch-free options

The fewest number of touch points always maintained.

5. Prohibition against flying while ill

No one should travel with any symptoms of illness.

COVID-19 Prevention: 5 Layers of Safety

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 In addition to the five common elements above, the five layers of safety are:

1. Crew Requirements 

A. Crews are required by federal law to not report to work unless they are perfectly healthy and pass both a daily health screening and a self-assessment before each flight. 

B. Crews are tested for COVID-19 when: 1. they have any symptoms of illness or 2. have been within six feet of anyone suspected of or having reported to have COVID-19. 

C. Routine testing is completed after each tour of duty to check for exposure 

D. Under certain circumstances, like gaining access to international travel destinations or upon client request, crews will test before a trip. 

E. At times crew members will not wear masks, such as when in the cockpit, operating radios, or providing mission-critical safety briefings. In these cases, aircraft ventilation and social distance provide an adequate layer of safety. 

F. It is best to advise operations seven days before a COVID-19 test is required. If this is not possible, results can be obtained in as little as 20 minutes to two days, depending on where in the country the crew is at the moment of required testing. 

  1. 2. Passenger Requirements 

A. Passengers must complete a questionnaire before the flight to determine their health condition and attest to the accuracy of their answers. 

B. In certain circumstances passengers will need to complete COVID-19 tests before a trip in order to have access to international destinations or avoid quarantine requirements at certain destinations. 

3. Aircraft Requirements 

A. Aircraft are required to be thoroughly cleaned between each flight. 

B. If the crew determines that a passenger has any kind of symptoms of illness, the aircraft is taken out of service until a decontamination cleaning can take place. 

C. On-board catering is individually wrapped, and standard stock is refreshed between each flight. 

4. Private Terminal (known as “Fixed-Base Operations” or “FBOs”) / Ground Handling Requirements  

A. FBOs clean touch points after each visitor. 

B. Touch-free protocols are followed for the handling of catering and luggage. 

C. Social distance rules are strictly maintained unless a safety situation compels otherwise, such as helping a passenger down a set of stairs when conditions are slippery or otherwise hazardous, 

5. Ground Transportation Requirements 

A. Vehicles are cleaned after each use. 

B. Touch-free protocols are followed for the handling of catering and luggage. 

C. Social distance rules are strictly maintained unless a safety situation compels otherwise, such as helping a passenger in or out of the vehicle during potentially hazardous conditions. 

We have been utilizing the Magellan Jets 5 X 5 PureSky Safety Standard since the early days of the pandemic and, to date, no passengers or crew members have been infected as a result of a trip arranged by Magellan Jets, because using five common elements and five layers of safety works. 

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