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From the Cockpit Episode #19: Personal Safety Bubble Tips

On episode 19 of From the Cockpit, Magellan Jets Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber joins the podcast once again to break down the key elements behind establishing a personal safety bubble while traveling in the age of COVID-19. Additionally, Weeber discusses the important aspects travelers need to consider whether they are flying privately or commercially, the risks of traveling with strangers and more. Listen to the full Magellan Jets podcast episode below.


In a follow-up to a previous podcast discussion about the true safety of business aviation, Magellan Jets COO Todd Weeber breaks down the critical tips everyone should know about maintaining a personal safety bubble while traveling, especially via commercial airlines. Weeber outlines the three main questions you need answers to before traveling amid the pandemic:

1. Are the people around you going to maintain a distance of 6 feet or greater?
2. Are the people around you going to wear protective gear such as masks and gloves?
3. Are the people around you willing to follow specific sanitization protocols like cleaning surfaces, washing hands, etc.

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“The different levels of safety are directly proportional to the number of people involved in the transportation,” Weeber says. He goes on to note how the commercial travel experience, and even larger private operations, may involve higher risks of exposure because “the number of people that can potentially be inside a safety bubble is relatively huge.”

In order to ensure the health and safety of all guests, Weeber explains how Magellan Jets has enhanced its communications with suppliers and partners to clearly outline the company’s strict COVID-19 protocols and requirements. Additional steps that have “resulted in great success,” according to Weeber, include working with qualified partners that aren’t enormous operations in order to further ensure health and safety guidelines are being met. “Biggest is always better,” says Weeber.

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Listen to the full Magellan Jets podcast episode to learn more about maintaining a personal safety bubble, why you should avoid traveling with strangers, and more.

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