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Flying Towards A Green Tomorrow

As the world continues to seek new and innovative avenues for sustainable travel, Magellan Jets is excited to lead the private aviation industry with our going green initiative. We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with terrapass, the leader in the provision of audited and third party-certified, U.S.-based carbon offsetting projects, to provide green solutions for all of our clients and members.

So what does this mean? On top of offsetting 100% of Magellan Jets’ company office operations, we are now offering our members the option to offset their memberships, while charter customers have the ability to offset their travel on a per flight basis. Additionally, clients can also purchase offsets on all their business and private aviation travel, even if they are flying charter or have a jet card membership with another company.

As a parent and a business leader, going green means a lot to me, as I worry about the future for my children and my community. Whether its taking small steps through recycling or buying reusable water bottles, or going the extra mile by offsetting a trip, I hope to encourage others to pay it forward by considering green and sustainable solutions.

In celebration of this exciting collaboration, we are offering a complimentary carbon offset on your next flight booked with Magellan Jets, which you can learn more about here. We hope that you’ll join us in flying towards a green tomorrow.

Month in review

In addition to this thrilling news, I’d also like to take the time to look back at Magellan Jets’ exciting start to 2020. First, we kicked off the year by celebrating an amazing end to the decade with 30% year-over-year growth, all while helping members recession-proof their aviation portfolio. The future looks just as bright as we plan on making the 2020’s another golden decade of opportunity for personalized service in private aviation.

As we continue to grow, we also plan on being the go-to resource for all of our clients’ needs. In that spirit, we assembled a Healthy Travel Toolkit to help our clients and members stay safe while flying amid flu season the coronavirus crisis. Expect us to update this resource as the situation evolves. Finally, we’ve created a Green Travel Guide as well to aid clients as they research green and sustainable solutions.

A Look Ahead with Magellan Jets

Taking a peek at the future, we couldn’t be more excited for the weeks and months to come, for several reasons.

This month, we cannot wait to join the Orlando Magic as a supporting partner at this year’s Orlando Wine Festival and Auction. Held March 13-15 at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, proceeds from the event will go to benefit the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation. Caring deeply is a core value of Magellan Jets, which is why we are proud to support the Orlando Magic and their mission of helping at-risk children in Central Florida.

Additionally, we’re very excited for the IYC festivities at 35th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show, March 26-29. It’s going to be a great month of events down in sunny Florida!

Finally, March marks the start of spring sports season, which means there are plenty of chances to travel. March Madness kicks off March 15, so be sure to get your plans in place in order to see your favorite teams hit the court. Thoroughbred horse racing fans won’t want to miss the Dubai World Cup on March 28. We’re also a little over a month away from the 2020 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, so make sure to keep Magellan Jets in mind while making your private travel plans.

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