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What Are Jet Cards? 8 Things You Need To Know

There are many ways to fly privately, but only one provides the experience of aircraft or fractional owner without the cumbersome costs or long-term commitments. If you’re looking into a private jet card, we’ve got you covered on what you need to know. Here are eight reasons why you should consider jet cards.

What are private jet cards?

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1. Many Jet Cards Are Customizable

One of the biggest benefits for some jet cards is customizability. Overall, many programs are highly personalized to fit your leisure travel or business needs. From your preferred aircraft to the types of amenities you like, everything is customized just for you. Specifically with Magellan Jets, our Build-a-Card tool allows you to easily create your program, purchasing in 25-hour blocks from a selection of 10 of the most popular aircraft, such as the Phenom 300, Falcon 2000, Gulfstream IV and more.

2. Aircraft Access

Another benefit for some programs is always having a guaranteed aircraft solution on hand. Whether you’re planning a trip for later in the year, or need a last-minute lift, these types of programs are built to meet your needs. Magellan Jets card owners, for example, can schedule a flight on as little as 8-hours’ notice.

•Explore Jet Card Ownership with Magellan Jets

3. if you’re looking to buy an aircraft, but worried about risk

This private aviation solution is popular because many programs offer the benefits of ownership without the risks. People and businesses who own an aircraft outright or take part in fractional programs are often burdened by this heavy investment, which is akin to investing in an airline. Rather than putting your money into a depreciating asset, jet card ownership allows you to invest in just your travel, with no long-term commitments or strings attached.

4. When Supplemental Lifts Are Needed, You’ll Want a Plan

Additionally, these some of these programs are useful as supplemental lifts for aircraft owners and fractional programs. When an aircraft needs maintenance or isn’t accessible, many people and businesses turn to jet card ownership. 

5. Safer Business Travel Solutions

In particular, safe solutions for corporate use is another big factor. Executives and employees are able to use private aviation to avoid congested terminals, as well as other commercial travel risks. Private travel helps businesses protect their most important assets: their people. However, you have to make sure you do your research and use a trusted provider like Magellan Jets.

Magellan Jets’ Industry Leading Safety Standards

6. Many Jet Cards Offer Flexibility and Transparency

In general, these programs offer flexibility, consistency and convenience. With Magellan Jets, being flexible and transparent are key benefits for clients. Also, jet card owners with 50+ hours can easily customize options to fit their needs. Additionally, all Magellan Jets card owners receive peace of mind will full pricing transparency and no hidden fees or surcharges.

7. Flying on Your Terms Is Possible

One of the best parts is flying on your terms. By working with Magellan Jets, you’ll never have to worry about hidden costs, monthly membership fees or a large upfront capital purchase. Additionally, you also have the freedom to use only what you need, plus have the ability to scale your program up or down on an annual basis.

8. Experience Amenities That Fit Your Needs

As if there weren’t enough benefits already, typically these programs come with other amenities as well. Specifically with Magellan Jets, you’ll receive catering and Wi-Fi included with cards of 50+ hours. Also, you’ll receive other benefits, including multiple aircraft daily usage, round-trip discounts, long-leg discounts and more. Speak with our Private Aviation Consultants to learn more.

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