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Booking Early In Peak Travel Summer Season: 7 Tips For Smart Fliers

Bookings across the private aviation industry have surged, affecting the availability of private jet travelers’ preferred aircraft, crews, and ground transportation. While some competitors may have peak travel days as part of their programs, Magellan Jets does not; our jet card owners and pay-as-you-go members have the benefit of assured aircraft availability and call-out times as low as eight hours. High flight volume during the spring and summer can cause headaches for private flyers who haven’t secured their travel in advance. Magellan Jets recommends booking your private flights early to ensure you get the most out of your travel experience. When you book early, you will:

1. Have more control over your flight
2. Personalize your in-flight experience
3. Ensure seamless ground transportation
4. Elevate your experience beyond the skies
5. Access added benefits through top hospitality brands
6. Stay in control of your private jet investment
7. Utilize your full booking platform at your fingertips


Have More Control Over Your Flight

Magellan Jets works with only a select group of the highest quality aircraft and flight crews, sourced from our Magellan Jets Preferred Network. We operate the world’s most comprehensive service and safety management and quality assurance system, providing real-time, world-wide audit status of over 2,500 carefully selected aircraft and over 11,250 specifically chosen crew members. When you book your private travel early, you’ll take the full advantage of the infrastructure and team that will work to secure the aircraft and crew that best fit your travel needs.


Whether you’re traveling to reconnect with family, to get away for a holiday weekend, or for a special event such as a birthday or anniversary, Magellan Jets’ Guest Experience team is dedicated to ensuring your perfect experience begins as soon as you step foot on your aircraft. Book private flights early to ensure more time for us to get to know you, and to allow us to prepare thoughtful, tailored in-flight experiences for you, your family, your guests—and even your pets! From providing multi-course meals with your favorite champagne vintage to throwing surprise parties for your children and beyond, advance notice helps us make your in-flight experience one to remember.


It isn’t just aircraft availability that is affected by high travel volume—ground transportation is becoming hard to book, too, and that doesn’t look to change anytime soon. Forbes has referred to the situation as a “car rental apocalypse,” and reported that, for one customer looking for a last-minute SUV rental, $700 a day was the lowest price they could find. This is in part because rental car agencies were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and sold off large portions of their fleet, leaving them unprepared once travel began to pick back up. Booking as early as possible gives us more advance time to secure your ground transportation, so you can get where you’re going once you land.

Ground Transportation Benefits For Magellan Jets Guests


Our Guest Experiences team won’t stop at making your in-flight experience perfect. Think of us as your own personal, purely private travel agency, showing you where to go and what to see once you’ve arrived at your destination. Advance booking allows for a smooth and seamless onboarding process to introduce you to all the incredible amenities at your disposal. Just as booking early helps lock down your preferred in-flight experience, it also ensures we tap into the best in accommodations and activities at your destination on your behalf, whether that means providing assistance with planning a memorable itinerary, making restaurant or hotel reservations, arranging private tours, or simply booking a spa day or tee time.

magellan jets vs. netjets private jet comparison

Access Added Benefits Through Top Hospitality Brands

Magellan Jets is proud to work with a network of top companies, brands, and collaborators to elevate your travel experience. Guests who fly with Magellan will enjoy a variety of exclusive and complimentary benefits with our partners around the globe—from yacht credits with IYC, operator of the world’s largest yacht charter fleet, to a full-day cabana at the Beach Club at Lovango, the U.S. Virgin Islands’ newest luxury resort. Book now to take advantage of our partners’ offers before they expire.

Stay In Control Of Your Private Jet Investment

With private jet charter, travelers are at the whim of market pricing when booking their flights. When demand rises, you will end up paying more for your trip. Booking far in advance ensures you’ll take advantage of lower rates, rather than paying more for the same trip when booking last minute.

Utilize Your Full booking Platform At Your Fingertips

When you fly with Magellan Jets, you’ll get exclusive access to our app, allowing you to book and manage trips seamlessly in just a few clicks. Your app is your safe, secure portal to view your itinerary, select catering and ground transportation, and further edit the details of your flight—all at the convenience of your phone. When you book early, you’ll have all your flight information available in your app weeks before your departure date. 

Book Ahead, Enjoy peace of mind

Magellan is dedicated to providing the purely private aviation solutions that are the best fit for our guests. Advance booking helps us match you to the best aircraft, experiences, accommodations, and more—and helps you by ensuring peace of mind amid a surge in travel volume. Ready to book ahead? Call our private aviation consultants now, or click below to search flights today.

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