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Magellan Jets wins Robb Report's Best of the Best 2021 Award for Private Jet Membership

Best Private Jet Membership: Magellan Jets’ Award-Winning Program

The best private jet membership on the market is flexible enough to handle last-minute changes to your flight plans, and dependable enough to allow you to book during the busy holiday travel season without compromising on your safety, service, or satisfaction. It’s built to withstand the unexpected—whether that means ensuring a backup option when mechanical issues arise, or promising access to aircraft even in the middle of private aviation’s industry-wide availability crunch. It gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll have a consistent, safe, and purely private travel experience, no matter what. 

A private jet membership from Magellan Jets does all of this and more. That’s why Robb Report honored our program with their Best of the Best 2021 Award, calling it “one of the most innovative and consumer-friendly jet programs in the year.” 

Our Premium and Explorer-level memberships are the ultimate tool for dealing with the unexpected and planning ahead risk-free—after all, these programs were conceived during the height of the global pandemic, specifically designed to provide private travelers with certainty during the most uncertain of times. Read on to find out what our private jet membership guarantees, and how smart travelers use membership as insurance against unpredictability.

Why You Need Our Robb Report ‘Best of the Best 2021’ Award-Winning Private Jet MembershiP

clear, consistent pricing at fixed hourly rates

With a Magellan Jets membership, there are no hidden costs, fuel surcharges, or repositioning fees, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. With a modest initial investment, you’ll lock in fixed, all-inclusive hourly rates on light, mid, super-mid, and heavy-cabin jets for a full year, paying as you go for as much or as little flying as you need. You’ll be able to budget for your private travel without worrying about incidental costs or dealing with the fluctuating, market-based pricing you’ll encounter when booking on-demand private charter flights.


Membership with Magellan means you’ll be flying on only the newest, safest, most reliable, and most popular aircraft available. They’ll be sourced directly from our Magellan Jets Preferred Network—our thoroughly vetted, continuously audited network of top-tier operators and crews. Explorer Membership guarantees aircraft with a 2000-or-newer year of manufacture, while Premium Membership ensures you’ll be flying on jets made since 2007.

But membership doesn’t lock you into one specific aircraft or aircraft type—it’s flexible enough to be a solution for all your travel needs. Our aviation experts will match you with a jet that meets your passenger, cabin size, or range requirements on a trip-by-trip basis. You’ll have access to aircraft across four different categories, so whether you’re taking a short flight to a business meeting in the next state over or bringing your entire family on an overseas getaway, a Magellan membership has you covered.


With many private aviation programs, there are “blackout days” on the calendar around certain holidays, busy travel seasons, or other periods of high volume. On these dates, you’ll either have to pay extra to fly or simply not be able to find a flight at all, leaving you inconvenienced at the very time you need a private aviation solution the most. That’s why our private jet memberships have no blackout days and no surcharges for flying on peak travel days. Magellan Jets members don’t have to worry about scheduling trips during high-demand periods.

A Guaranteed backup and recovery plan 

If you frequently fly private, you probably already know the hassle that mechanical issues can cause. In addition to having to deal with long mechanical-related delays, you may also have to pay for a replacement jet that might have to be flown in from a location hours away. Our private jet membership includes a guaranteed backup and recovery plan, meaning we’ll work with you to find a solution and ensure you have a recovery flight option at no additional cost. When the unexpected takes your aircraft offline, your Magellan Jets membership will prove a smart investment.

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jet card ownership

Sign Up, Start booking flights In Just 24 Hours 

Becoming a Magellan Jets member is a quick and easy process. With your initial investment, you’ll be able to start booking your purely private membership flights within as little as one day. First, you’ll be guided through a simple onboarding session by a guest excellence team member, who will walk you through the details of your membership. Next, we’ll activate your exclusive membership app account, so you can request flights seamlessly from the convenience of your smartphone. And that’s it—you’ll be flying at your fixed member rate in no time. 

Ready to introduce a new level of certainty to your private travel? Call 877-550-5387 to speak to our private aviation experts, or click below to learn more about our Premium and Explorer memberships.

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