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iyc how to charter a yacht

Private Jet Traveler’s Guide: How to Charter a Yacht

Having a purely private experience that’s safe and completely catered to your needs is what chartering a yacht is all about. As private jet travelers know, there are many aspects you need to consider before booking your next trip at sea. Here are a few tips you should know about how to charter a yacht and what to expect during the process.

How to Charter a Yacht: Private Traveler’s Tips 

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How to Book a Yacht Charter

In order to book a yacht charter, first find a reputable consultant. They’ll help with each stage of the process, including researching available dates, destinations and yachts that fit your schedule and needs, as well as walking you through contract details, itineraries and more.

In general, you can book a yacht for a minimum of seven nights. However, dates aboard specific yachts are subject to its availability. Additionally, most yachts can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests, while a small number have the capacity to fit up to 36 guests.

As Magellan Jets’ official yachting partner, IYC Charter Consultants diligently work to ensure clients have safe and memorable experiences at sea, carefully overseeing each detail, from the planning stage to at the time of departure. This level of attention means you’ll always receive a bespoke itinerary that’s perfectly crafted to suit your needs.

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Private Yacht Amenities

As part of the charter yacht experience, you’ll have access to a host of fantastic amenities. Hit the high seas with jet skis, kayaks, inflatable slides and other water toys at your disposable. Additionally, your Captain can take you sightseeing to popular destinations, as well as hot spots for diving and fishing.

When it’s time to relax, lay out of the deck for a day of sunbathing or unwind in the jacuzzi. With IYC, guests have access to hand-picked crews that always deliver six-star silver service experience. From ensuring the comfortability of your cabin to offering world-class fitness and spa services, you’ll have everything you need to relax and recharge.

Of course, the yacht charter experience wouldn’t be complete without exceptional fine dining services. When you set sail with IYC, you can expect menus carefully constructed by a top chef that utilize the best local ingredients while meeting all your tastebuds and dietary preferences. Sip cocktails under the stars or enjoy an al fresco breakfast as you travel the world.

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Popular Yachting Destinations

For private jet travelers, there are several amazing destinations you can fly to for the ultimate yachting experiences. In particular, New England destinations like Nantucket and island getaways such as the Bahamas are always popular. Additionally, the Mediterranean, South Pacific, South East Asia and other coastal destinations are great spots to enjoy some time at sea.

If you’re interesting in flying private to popular yacht charter destinations, click the link below to get a quote today.

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