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How to Book a Private Jet Charter: 10 First-Time Flyer Questions Answered

Taking the leap from first-class to a private jet charter is quite the experience. While many aspects feel familiar-like the thrill of soaring through the sky en route to your favorite destination-others may need some getting used to. In order to help get you onboard, here are 10 frequently asked questions answered for first-time flyers.

10 Private Jet Charter Questions Answered

What is a private jet charter?

Private jet charters are one of several options available for private travelers. Unlike models such as fractional ownership or membership programs, a private jet charter is an on-demand service paid for on a per-flight basis. Charter flights are ideal for leisure travel as well as essential transportation for individuals and businesses.

What types of aircraft can I access?

After more than 12 years in business with a 100% safety record, the Magellan Jets team will always help you find the perfect aircraft to meet your needs. Depending on the specifics of your travel (number of passengers, length of trip, etc.), there are hundreds of aircraft options to choose from with our meticulously selected partners and providers in the Magellan Jets Preferred Network. Explore with our Aircraft Comparison Tool, or reach out to our Private Aviation Consultants for more information.

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Domestic and international Travel: Where can I fly?

In 2019, 13,000 passengers flew in and out of more than 70 countries with Magellan Jets. From island paradises to the great American outdoors, we can help you discover the world, as our private jet charter services accommodate both domestic and international travel.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

A private jet charter’s cost depends on several factors, which are taken into consideration when a total cost is presented during the booking process. Overall, some of the biggest factors are the plane’s size and age, the length of the flight and how many passengers will be onboard. Click here to get a quote now.

Accommodations: How do I order catering or ground transportation?

While booking your trip with a Private Aviation Consultant, guests can order catering and ground transportation. Whether it’s a meal and a bottle of wine from that special restaurant or a latte to go with your favorite newspaper, the Magellan Jets team is here for all of your needs. We’ll stop at nothing to ensure your amenities, food and beverage choices meet your requests.

We are also more than happy to arrange ground transportation and rental vehicles. Magellan Jets has a network of top-rated affiliates available to help take you to your final destination. Our team will work directly with your driver to make sure your transportation is seamless, with your vehicle fully equipped for all your needs.

How to Book a Private Jet Charter: First-Time Flyer Boarding Questions

What do I need to bring for my first private jet charter flight?

For a private jet charter flight, you may need some documentation. In particular, domestic flights require an official photo ID like a driver’s license. Meanwhile, international travel usually need a passport and/or visa.

Our Private Aviation Consultants and Flight Support team will be here to guide you through the process. We’ll show you exactly which documents you’ll need while booking your private jet charter trip.

Airport security: How early do I need to get there?

Private aviation terminals allow you to arrive within minutes of departure. Since the Flight Support team oversees all the details, you can walk directly through the fixed-based operator (FBO) and board your aircraft. While documents may be reviewed upon boarding, the process is efficient, secure and seamless.

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How much baggage can I bring on a private jet?

The amount of luggage you and your fellow passengers can bring depends upon the specifications of the aircraft in use. Our Private Aviation Consultants will help you find the right option to accommodate your baggage needs.

Last-minute changes: Who can I call if I need anything?

Comprised of FAA-licensed pilots and highly-trained aviation professionals, our Flight Support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Please contact Flight Support at 1-844-316-6972 or by email [email protected] should you require any last-minute changes to your itinerary, answers to questions or additional resources.

Can I bring my pets?

Private jet charter flights typically allow pets. Just make sure to talk with your Private Aviation Consultant first. They’ll ensure your aircraft choice is just right for you and your furry friend. Additionally, Magellan Jets’ Flight Support team will inform the flight crew as well as check for any regulations or paperwork needed for authorization prior to boarding. Check out our guide to traveling with pets for helpful tips and more information.

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