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Discovering The New Normal

Like a typical weekend evening, my wife and I recently had dinner with a group of our close friends. We ate, we laughed and we told stories about work and our families. But, there was one major difference: we were hanging out remotely from the safety of our homes, communicating in real-time through the gift of video technology.

Over the past few weeks, this has become a familiar scene for people across the globe, as the world unites to combat the coronavirus pandemic. While adjusting to this new normal isn’t easy, it’s a necessity to keep each other safe during these unprecedented times. However, there are several glimmers of hope to be grateful for.

On one hand, our environment is benefitting from our reduced CO2 output. And on a personal level, this moment is also giving us a rare opportunity to rediscover our friends and families in ways we’ve never could’ve imagined as we reach out and stay connected through FaceTime and other video apps. Do I miss things like the gym? Sure. But this time with my family has been invaluable.

The Magellan Jets family has evolved to meet the moment too. Throughout this situation, we’ve continued to lead with safety, having our employees work remotely and adhering to other official health guidelines from the CDC and WHO.

Our operations has evolved as well in order to keep all of our members and clients healthy and safe. We’ve enacted enhanced protocols, such as establishing an internal expert task force to ensure our high standards for disinfecting and cleaning on every flight. Additionally, we’re requiring passenger health affidavits as an additional layer of protection for you and your loved ones.

Month in review

Enduring the past month has been a challenge for everyone in the aviation industry. According to data from WINGX, North American flight activity for March was down by around 30%, while travel in Asian and Europe was down by approximately 35%. Meanwhile, data from Argus TRAQ Pak shows U.S. business aircraft activity was down by 29.4% for the first 29 days of March compared to that time last year.

Despite all this, that hasn’t stopped the Magellan Jets team from delivering excellence with every experience. As many look to private aviation for a safer alternative to flying commercial, businesses and individuals continue to put their trust in Magellan Jets because of our meticulous attention to safety and hyper focus on perfection. We’ve safely transported at-risk loved ones and those requiring the security of private aviation and the ideal aircraft to keep business going, and will continue to do so for anyone in need.

During these uncertain times, we’ve closely monitored the situation through measures like establishing an internal expert task force. Magellan Jets is also keep our members and clients up to date as information changes daily, with resources like our coronavirus FAQ guide and our new situation report podcast. Our efforts have even earned media attention from publications like The Wall Street Journal, Elite Traveler and others.

A Look Ahead with Magellan Jets

First, we’re very excited about partnering with IYC, the premier international yachting company, to further enhance our clients’ travel experiences. Our mutual commitment to perfection means you can expect the highest levels of safety, security and excellence as you explore the world with us. When the world returns to normal, we can’t wait to show you the beaches of New England, island paradises and so much more.

Looking ahead, those who fly with Magellan Jets will also save on their trips this year thanks to the CARES Act, which has suspended federal excise taxes for the rest of 2020. As part of the coronavirus relief package, the new legislation forgives the 7.5% tax on your private flights for the rest of the year. This is especially important for businesses, which can take advantage of this benefit to reduce costs.

At this moment in history, no one knows what the future holds. Right now, out of an abundance of caution, we hope you’re wearing a mask when you fly to keep you, your fellow passengers and crew members safe, as well as practicing proper social distancing. Additionally, consider bringing your own food when you fly, another precaution you can take out of safety, and a possible necessity since some catering options may be limited.

However, you can count on Magellan Jets to be here for you. We’ll continue to serve as an essential tool for businesses and individuals that require the safety and security of private aviation. Unfortunately, commercial travel has been hit hard, and may take a while to return when it’s safe to do so, which means private aviation will be a critical resource in the months to come.

Whether it’s through a video screen consultation or helping you transport an at-risk loved one to a safe destination, Magellan Jets will be here to help you stay connected and, when the time comes, rediscover normal.

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