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Why 2021 Is the Year for Opportunity

As we slowly emerge from the ongoing health crisis, glimmers of hope and opportunity are beginning to blossom across the nation. Despite the challenges of this past year, I can’t help but feel optimistic, because we find ourselves at the precipice of a new tomorrow.

2020 tested all of us in ways we’ve never could have envisioned. However, it also made our entire Magellan Jets family resilient and stronger at every aspect of what we do to ensure that our jet card owners, pay-as-you-go members and on-demand charter clients are always healthy, safe and informed.

Early on in the pandemic, we created a COVID-19 task force to establish new measures and protocols, culminating in our industry-leading 5 X 5 PureSky Safety Standard, a multilayered approach that safeguards the well-being of all guests and crew. Additionally, our team has gone above and beyond to keep our clients up to date with the information they need to make the right decisions around their travel, including guides to safe destinations, healthy flying tips, plus resources for navigating new restrictions and requirements.

Not only have we taken our ability to protect our guests and partners to the next level, but we’ve also enhanced our portfolio and technological capabilities to make flying private a truly seamless experience. I cannot thank our entire team enough for their tireless efforts this past year at launching our mobile app and web portal, as well as our new membership programs, innovations that are revolutionizing how travelers and businesses utilize private jet services.

With all of the strides we’ve made and important lessons learned from 2020, we plan to continue this incredible momentum heading into the rest of the year.

Month in Review

Looking back on the last month and year as a whole, I’m enthusiastic about our opportunities to continue our success. Overall, our commitment to providing safety, peace of mind and purely private solutions resulted in a 95% membership retention rate in 2020, with jet card sales up 200%, while the purchase size of hours increased over 20%, even though there was a decrease in flight volume due to the pandemic.

Now that 2021 is finally at our doorstep, the early data is showing a similar lull in weekly flight volume, with last week down as much as 14% below the same time period last year. However, interest is steadily growing around travel to international destinations, with guests looking to understand how the latest CDC order will impact their upcoming trips.

Magellan Jets recently launched a dedicated FAQ page around the new testing rules for international air travel, with answers to all of your questions around the updated guidelines. Looking to further ease any friction caused by the ever-changing requirements, we’ve also recently added the ability to submit health forms via the Magellan Jets App, while our team of Guest Experience experts are always standing by to help you navigate restrictions and assist with any other needs.

A Look Ahead

In order to give our jet card owners, members and charter clients even more safe options for places to visit, Magellan Jets has also recently launched collaborations with a number of exciting brands and luxury resorts. We’re working with excellent partners like IYC, Four Seasons Hawaii, AMAN Properties and St. Barth Properties to elevate safe travel experiences for our guests. As more destinations begin to lift restrictions, expect us to continue fostering exciting partnerships in the months to come.

I’m also looking forward to the continual evolution of our going green initiatives as we enter the rest of 2021 and beyond. Last year, we launched our collaboration with terrapass, allowing us to offer carbon-offsetting options on all of our flights. We hope to build off this success by exploring new avenues of green transportation. Over the past several years, our team has diligently researched new innovations in the world of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. While the transition to electric aircraft won’t happen overnight, I believe that we’ll see a phased approach, as aviation slowly transitions through sustainable aviation fuel and hybrid models to, eventually, fully electric aircraft. With so many great technological advances on the horizon, expect Magellan Jets to be at the forefront of these innovations in the years to come.

While we grow our network of collaborations, we’re growing our Magellan Jets family internally as well. We’re expanding on all fronts, including our sales, business development, marketing and technology teams, with the hopes of adding more great people to our already incredibly talented team. As I recently said in our first press release of 2021, “Investing in your employees is the smartest business decision you can make,” a sentiment that couldn’t ring truer for me as we start our journey into the new year.

With so much opportunity to look forward to in 2021, I can’t wait for all of us to make this our year to shine brighter than ever.

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