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20 Lessons We Learned From 2020

Although 2020 hasn’t been the easiest year for anyone, I’m grateful for the fact that, here at Magellan Jets, it’s given us the opportunity to learn and grow in ways we’ve never expected, inspiring us to innovate, create and evolve while maintaining the highest levels of safety and service for all of our guests. Despite its challenges, there are many aspects of this year worth celebrating as a company and lessons learned that continue to make us better each and every day.

This year, we launched our pay-as-you-go membership programs as well as our new, seamless mobile app experience. Created to make flying private with Magellan Jets easier than ever, both initiatives were only possible through the talent and tireless efforts of our growing guests services, technology and operations teams, who inspire me every single day with the amazing work that they do. The recognition we’ve earned this year from outlets like CNBC, Forbes, Robb Report and Elite Traveler-which recently named Magellan Jets one of the world’s biggest private jet companies-is a testament to two decades of hard work and just the incredible job done day in and day out by everyone in the Magellan Jets family.

Always having our jet card owners, pay-as-you-go members and on-demand charter clients’ health and safety in mind, we also rapidly responded in the early days of the pandemic, establishing a COVID-19 task force to actively monitor the situation, putting in place multilayered protocols through the 5X5 PureSky Safety Standard to ensure the well-being of our guests and partners. These measures have been extremely effective as, to date, no passengers, pilots or crew have been infected as a result of a trip arranged by Magellan Jets.

But overall, I’m humbled by the fact that, during this time of uncertainty, we as a company can continue to grow and provide such an essential service for others, whether that’s offering families safe and purely private ways to reconnect with loved ones, giving businesses the tools to keep the economy going, and so much more. Through our expanding network of collaborations with brands like Four Seasons and IYC, it’s never been easier to safely escape to incredible destinations across the globe. As we enter a new year with so much hope on the horizon, Magellan Jets will be here to help you rediscover the world.

While we reflect on this past year, here are 20 lessons the Magellan Jets team learned in 2020 about aviation, business and finding the resilience to meet any moment.

20 Lessons We Learned from 2020

20 lessons we learned from 2020

1. With the pandemic impacting the health and well-being of many loved ones, the situation has clearly demonstrated that time is our most valuable asset. Since time is finite, it couldn’t be more worth it for private travelers to utilize solutions that safeguard this precious resource.

2. Focus on having the right people and the right processes in place in order to drive business forward. Having that perfect mix of talent and technology will let you innovate and grow faster.

3. Relationships matter just as much when things are a bit hectic as they are when things are good. Building relationships, reaching out and making sure that people are OK is as important now as ever.

4. Adaptability, flexibility and knowing when to pivot are the only ways companies can weather change and uncertainty.

5. Thinking outside the box and learning from others are the keys to innovation and creative problem solving.

6. We all have a responsibility to keep each other healthy and safety.

7. Always go the extra mile.

8. Leaving guests with a great impression helps foster long-lasting relationship and potential referral networks.

9. Navigating this new normal requires patience and humility, as we’re all experiencing an unprecedented situation for the first time.

10. Don’t forget to slow down and take a step back so you can focus on the details.

11. Never underestimate the power of bringing a smile to every experience.

12. Every moment you spend with loved ones is priceless and precious. Don’t take the freedom to travel and make memories for granted.

13. Leaders need to innovate by creating clear work boundaries and PTO policies that meet today’s challenges while minimizing any potential for confusion or draining energy.

14. During times like this, clear communication and continually educating clients on what they need to know are essential.

15. Most problems can be solved on the spot by bringing empathy into the equation.

16. Take a moment to cherish and value the little things, especially time with family.

17. Private aviation is a lifeline for business travelers, especially those that need to safely fly to multiple cities and get back home in a single day, which has never been utilized by corporations more than this year.

18. Every guest should be treated like a VIP.

19. Open collaboration and a diversity of experience are fundamental to building great teams.

20. Relax, focus on what truly matters and don’t take every little thing too seriously.

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