February 5, 2020 | Magellan Jets

What Is ADS-B? Analyzing Privacy Concerns And Solutions in 2020

2020 is officially in full swing, the year that private aircraft owners and operators have been anxiously awaiting. On Jan. 1, the FAA’s long-anticipated ADS-B mandate went into effect, requiring all aircraft to be specially equipped with new technology in order to fly in controlled airspace. So, what is ADS-B and how does it affect business … Continued

Face Flu Season Like a Captain: 5 Reasons Why Great Pilots Never Get Sick

ftheWhat makes great pilots stand out are their professional approach to the health of their crew, their passengers, and themselves. For all pilots, good health is more than a lifestyle choice, it’s mandated by federal regulations, specifically addressed in government-issued advisory circulars and various training curricula. In short, pilots must conduct a thorough self-evaluation, ensuring … Continued

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