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Private Jet Resources

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From understanding the environmental impacts of the transportation industry to what you can do to be a healthy and conscious traveler, our library of content adds to the growing number of resources available to inform, educate, and move you to action as you consider your choices in private jet travel.


Our FAQs page features information on our service, private aviation travel tips, and other helpful resources for private travelers. Discover how to make most out of your next trip with Magellan Jets.

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If you’re interested in staying up to date on the newest trends in private aviation, our blog covers it all. From new airplane reviews and travel tips to a snapshot of the aviation industry and beautiful vacations, our blog will keep you updated and informed. Learn about interesting travel trends and industry tips, and always stay up to date on the latest goings on in aviation.


Magellan Jets has been dedicated to serving private jet travelers for over a decade. Our professionally trained private aviation staff is standing by to provide consistent, reliable, and exceptional travel on your next trip.

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