super-midsize Access Card

Want a private aviation program that lets you conveniently pre-purchase your flight hours on midsize-cabin jets that are capable of transporting eight passengers coast to coast in elegant comfort? Our Super-Midsize Access Jet Card allows you to experience the flexibility, convenience, and access of Magellan’s aircraft-specific Jet Card Ownership options—without being locked into a particular aircraft model. 



Our Super-Midsize Access Card has all the same benefits of our jet-specific cards. You’ll be able to purchase flight time in 25-hour blocks and customize your card with additional amenities and add-ons—but with this card, you’ll fly on a range of popular midsize-cabin jets rather than being locked into one specific aircraft model.

Typical passenger capacity: 8

Year of Manufacture: 1993 or later, with a refurbish date of 2015 or later

Typical baggage capacity: 90 cubic ft. 

Average Cabin Height: 5.9 ft.

Average Cabin Width: 5.6 ft. 

Average Cabin Length: 23 ft.

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*Photos provided for example only; interior layout and style will vary by aircraft.

Each of the aircraft included with the Super-Midsize Access Jet Card will be sourced from our thoroughly vetted, continuously audited Magellan Jets Preferred Network (MJPN), meaning they’ll be sourced from top-tier operators, have highly experienced crews, and meet the rigorous operational safety requirements for which Magellan has gained industry-wide recognition.

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