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Breakfast in Tokyo, Lunch in Paris

Sick of swollen feet after a long flight? Well, you might find a solution by 2050. EADS (The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company) has presented a sensational high-speed transport concept, called ZEHST (Zero Emission High Supersonic Transportation). ZEHST does not only intend to shorten long-haul routes but also limit the impact on the environment by mitigating the sonic boom. Believe it or not, this hypersonic jet will link Paris to Tokyo in two and half hours. Being fast and green are not the only featured attractions of the jet.
Even with its breath-taking technology, which increases speed and decrease emissions, ZEHST requires neither trained passengers nor special runways. According to the EADS’ press release on ZEHST, the plan will use a regular turbofan engine to take off and ascend sharply with rocket boosters to go above the atmosphere. ZEHST has been carried out in cooperation with SJAC (Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies) and will welcome between 50 and 100 passengers aboard. But patient will still be needed for the amateurs of aviation, when you know EADS company will certainly have an unmanned demonstrator by 2020 and hopefully launch their commercial flights in 30-40 years.

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