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Ghana to Launch West Africa’s First Private Aviation School

Captain Msheila
West Africa has recently established their first private aviation school. The school has been named the Mish Aviation Flying School. The school’s objective is to train Senior High School graduates into Commercial Pilots. While the plan to build the Mish School originated in 2006, it was not until this year that the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority approved the mission to train the students to reach the commercial flying level.
Captain Ibrahim Mshelia, the C.E.O. of Mish Aviation, is confident that the school will be fully operational in September 2011. He has stated that selecting Ghana as the school’s location was no accident. Ghana is known for its abundant oil and gas; an industry which thrives because of aviation. Additionally, Ghana is an English-speaking country, and English is the primary language used in aviation.
Mish Aviation Flying School is already getting bombarded with inquiries from over 40 countries. Capt. Mshelia is cautious that they screen all candidates very carefully. He stated, “We are working closely with the security agencies in Ghana.” The Mish School is shaping up to be a wonderful institution which will surely promote advancements in aviation in Africa at a quick rate.

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