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Gogo Talk & Text; Latest In-flight Technology

Welcome to the future of travel! Gogo has launched its newest technology allowing smartphone users the ability to make phone calls and send text messages 30,000 ft in the air. Long gone are the days of isolation on-board a plane. Now passengers can be connected for the whole duration of a flight.

It is not like in-flight calling is a fresh idea, numerous airlines have attempted but been quickly turned down by the US government. That is until now… The biggest reason the idea never took off was the costly investment. Airlines would be required to install expensive additional equipment. In the case of Gogo’s forthcoming Text & Talk service customers will be able to make calls and send text messages using in-flight WiFi services.
About GoGo Text & Talk:

  • Your own phone, your own number
  • Very easy to use
  • Available with any Gogo Biz system
  • Gogo Talk & Text is 100% software based (Download Free app on your phone), no additional hardware is required

Three Simple Step to Get Started:

  • Activate Gogo Text & Talk service at the aircraft level, by purchasing a dealer-installed software key
  • Drop the Gogo Talk & Text app on your smartphone and perform a one-time registration
  • Climb on-board, activate Airplane Mode, connect to WiFi, then launch the app

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