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Magellan Jets and Top Tier Admissions Help Prospective Students Choose Their Future School

It’s time to send your kids off to college!
Cue the excitement.
But still not sure which school you’re sending them too?
Cue the nerves.

As a parent all you want is for your children to succeed, and college is the first part of their journey to a fruitful future, which is why helping them choose the right school to attend is so time-consuming and nerve-racking.
But finding the perfect fit is more than just pamphlet skimming and campus visits, that’s why Magellan Jets is offering college admission counseling guidance to every client who purchases a 10 Hour Campus Tours Jet Card, which makes visiting every school on their child’s “acceptance list” possible.
To get the most out of researching and visiting schools, Magellan Jets guarantees that each client will receive a reference guide from Mimi Doe and Michele Hernandez from Top Tier Admissions to strategize an efficient college hunting approach. Doe and Hernandez understand that the college-selection process can be complicated, and with their useful tips, they will make it easier on Magellan Jets clients who will be guided on what to do before, during, and after every campus tour.

Magellan Jets wants our clients to focus on what really matters – the education and future for their children – so worrying about various checklists on what to see and who to talk to at each campus visit is a responsibility we are handing over to the people at Top Tier Admissions.
And just like that, the perfect college for your child is selected.
Cue the promising future.
With this package:

  • Tell us the college (or colleges) you’d like to visit and our flight support team will help with the logistics
  • We will organize a seamless itinerary based on your schools and tour dates
  • We will arrange all pick up and drop off car services
  • Will provide college notepads to keep track of likes and dislikes from each campus
  • College admissions reference guide from College Admissions Experts at Top Tier Admissions

*Offer only available from March- June 2015
For more perks and other details click here.

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