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Pagani Huayra Speeding Towards U.S. Market

Pagani, the Italian manufacturer of super luxurious sports cars, has finally been approved to sell their speed-machines in the U.S. market. Now conforming to the U.S. emissions and safety standards, the Pagani Huayra will be available for $1.5 million. Named for the ancient Andean god of the wind, the Huayra’s frame is a monocoque design crafted from super light carbon titanium. Weighing in less than 3,000 pounds, the Mercedes-Benz AMG 700hp turbocharged 12 cylinder engine catapults itself from zero to 230 miles per hour in mere seconds. Inspired by the design of a fighter jet, the Huayra’s frame features four moveable flaps (controlled by the ABS system) to foster neutral vehicle behavior under all conditions and control body roll via aerodynamic means. During breaking, for example, the rear flaps and front suspension are raised to counteract the weight transfer and balance the weight distribution between front and rear axles, allowing a better use of the rear brake force.

The cutting-edge technology installed on the outside of the car is also found once inside. After opening the gullwing doors, drivers will be exposed to the most technology advanced automobile interior available. It starts with a Formula-1 inspired steering wheel. Featuring gear-shifting controls all within a thumb’s reach. The seats provide both the comfort to make long trips enjoyable as well as lateral support required of the g-forces experienced during extreme driving. The multi-function display, centered in the middle of the Swiss watch designed aluminum dash board, communicates critical engine and performance information when in “Sport Mode”, and a state-of-the-art trip computer when in “Comfort Mode”. The high definition central touchscreen is the heart of the vehicle information system, controlling audio functions, satellite navigation, secondary vehicle functions and Bluetooth phone. Currently, four prototypes have been developed and further tests need to be conducted before the Huayra hits U.S. markets. Nevertheless, once they become available, savvy car collectors and speed demons alike will be “racing” to get their hands on this piece of automotive brilliance.

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