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Private Jet Membership Vs. Flying Commercial: 5 Questions Answered

As we weather these uncertain times, many are considering the safety of private aviation as an alternative to flying commercial. While there are many ways to fly privately, private jet membership is widely considered one of the the most responsible solutions, offering unique benefits for businesses and individuals. Learn more about private jet cost and how membership compares to commercial flights.

Private Jet Membership vs. Flying Commercial

What is private jet membership?

As an alternative to the variable cost of on-demand charter market flights, a private jet membership provides consistency with guaranteed access to aircraft and locked-in hourly rates for a set term, as well as other benefits. Magellan Jets Membership, for example, offers guaranteed access to four categories of aircraft with 48 hours’ notice and the ability to fly as much or as little as needed. Overall, memberships allow travelers to have all the benefits of a purely private experience without the risks and costs associated with ownership.

Will private jets replace commercial flying?

It’s no secret that commercial aviation has taken a hit due to the coronavirus situation. When it comes time for a return to business, it may take a while for airlines to get up to speed. Additionally, many flyers may even be weary of using commercial aviation. That may be due to the inherent risks of long security lines at airports as well as tight quarters on a large aircraft with strangers.

Private aviation will be the premier solution as we transition back to normal, as it is already safely serving people’s needs during this time of uncertainty. Private travelers have access to more than 5,000 terminals and fixed-based operators (FBOs), much more than the 500 available to commercial aviation.

Also, with a private jet, there are far fewer surfaces that need cleaning with each trip. As a result, private jet membership offers faster turnaround times and more thorough disinfecting. Plus, you are exposed to far fewer people than at an airport due to the exclusivity and smaller size of FBOs. However, in many circumstances, you can have your ground transportation drive you directly to your plane, further mitigating contact with others.

As for our jet card owners, members, and charter clients, travelers who fly with us can also expect other enhanced safety measures. Not only is our safety task force diligently monitoring all flights, passengers, and crew, but we’ve enacted a multilayered system called the 5×5 PureSky Safety Standard to ensure the health and well-being of all guests and partners.

How much do Private Jet memberships cost?

A private jet membership usually includes an initial investment, which locks in hourly rates for a set term of one year. An annual renewal fee can extend those terms. Magellan Jets Memberships lock in your rates for 12 months with an initial investment of $16,500 for Premium Members and $10,500 for standard memberships. Both programs also feature 48-hour callout times with no blackout dates or peak travel surcharges.

How do businesses use memberships?

During these times, many companies are opting for the safety and reliability of private aviation. Instead of exposing executives and employees to the risks of commercial travel, private jets allow critical personnel to fly safely. Private jets provide safe, essential transportation to keep the economy moving.

As for private jet memberships specifically, they’re often the most responsible choice for businesses. Not only do they allow for ultimate productivity onboard, but they also offer convenience and flexibility. Memberships give businesses access to the perfect aircraft for their missions, whenever they are needed.

Memberships don’t just provide a safe alternative to commercial flying—they are more sensible investments for businesses as well. Memberships at Magellan Jets provide flexibility in aircraft to meet your needs, allowing you to interchange freely between types in order to ensure the perfect aircraft for every mission. Businesses that fly with Magellan Jets will also be able to find solutions for clean and secure meeting spaces. We can help you secure FBO conference rooms or other locations for critical meetings.

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Does Magellan Jets offer memberships?

Magellan Jets’ membership programs are the premier solutions for businesses and individuals in need of essential travel. Members have the ability to fly as much or as little as they need, with a guaranteed solution ready to go with as little as 48 hours’ notice.

A private jet membership is the ultimate way to travel. Members receive transparency through all-inclusive, locked-in hourly pricing with no blackout dates or peak-day surcharges. Also, your membership doesn’t begin until your first flight, which means we’ll always be here when you’re ready. Plus, in times of uncertainty, members don’t even have to be onboard to use their membership to provide safe transportation for loved ones or colleagues. 

With perfect survey scores delivered on nearly every Magellan Jets experience, our members fly with peace of mind knowing they’re in safe hands. We pride ourselves on ensuring the best and safest experience with every flight. Our dedicated Private Aviation Consultants, Guest Excellence Team, and Flight Support Department of FAA-certificated pilots are available around the clock to meet all of your needs.

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