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Earlier this month at the 2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Las Vegas, the most pressing topic at hand among our vendors and suppliers was the dwindling availability of aircraft, aircraft parts, and qualified crews. Together, as we navigate a truly historical surge in flight activity and the industry-wide difficulties that result, Magellan Jets is committed to ensuring all our guests receive detailed and timely communication regarding both the private aviation market as a whole and their individual programs.

Today, we want to inform you of several updates we are making to our jet card ownership and private jet membership programs. We have done, and continue to do, as much as possible to shield you from the impacts of an extreme supply chain situation brought about by the pandemic. We want you to know that the measures we take are not focused on the economics of the situation, but instead on continuing to provide you with an uncompromising commitment to excellence in service at the highest levels of safety. You should know that we are taking all reasonable steps to avoid consequences and therefore, these changes are necessary to continue to maintain our service and safety promise to you, your family, and your guests.

Consistent with the terms of your Jet Card Ownership and/or Membership agreement, Magellan Jets is implementing the following immediate changes to your program given that this crisis is outside of the reasonable control and prevents us from performing all of our contractual obligations:

– An extension of the booking window
– Adjustments to minimum flight hours
– Revised advance booking requirements for all trips outside the contiguous 48 states

Along with these immediate adjustments, we will be implementing changes in 30 days regarding round-trip discounts and trip scheduling.

We will detail each of these changes and the reasoning behind them below—but first, an update on the state of the private aviation market.th


September showed a 210 percent increase in flight volume across all our programs, as well as a 152 percent increase in jet card and membership sales. This tells us we can certainly expect a high rate of flight volume throughout the fourth quarter. Typically, the fourth quarter is already one of the busiest times of year for the entire industry in terms of volume due to the abundance of holidays and peak travel times. That is why it is more important than ever to book all your planned upcoming travel immediately; we continue to recommend booking all your trips through March 2022 now.

• Market Update: Addressing Private Aviation’s Availability Crunch

The program changes we are implementing come in direct response to this approaching surge in volume and will give our expert aircraft sourcing team the appropriate time to procure the safest, most reliable aircraft and crews for your flights. Safety is the driving force behind each of these adjustments; meanwhile, Magellan Jets is staying the course and maintaining the program features you love, including fixed hourly rates.

Immediate Program Updates

Booking Window Extension

Going forward, all Magellan Jets programs (both Jet Card Ownership and Membership products) will have a 72-hour advance booking window for trips booked on standard days, and a 10-day advance booking window for any trips that fall on a high-volume day. Be sure to check your program’s high-volume calendar—you can view the calendar for Jet Card Ownership and Premium Membership here, and for Explorer Membership here—and remember to reach out to your flight support team with any questions.

Of course, it is understood that there will be times when you absolutely need to schedule an aircraft within these amended booking windows. In those cases, you will still have access to the safest and most reliable aircraft and crews sourced from our Magellan Jets Preferred Network—though your fixed hourly rates will not apply on these flights, and you will instead pay the going charter market rate.

Daily Flight Hour Minimums

One area where the industry has seen challenges regarding aircraft and flight crew availability is when scheduling trips that are one hour or less in duration. For that reason, going forward, we are requiring a daily minimum of 1.5 flight hours on all jet card owner and member flights. This adjustment helps ensure that aircraft and crew schedules are built appropriately to respond to the record-breaking surge in demand, thereby enhancing safety as well as the quality of service.

Advance booking on international trips

All international flights, including the Bahamas, Mexico, and destinations within 200 nautical miles of our service area, will now require you to book at least seven days in advance. In other words, flights to and from the 48 contiguous states now require a 7-day advance booking notice. The business jet industry learned during the pandemic that extra time is required to ensure the many international travel requirements are met in a timely manner and locking down the best possible crew and aircraft for international missions takes more time in the current environment of extreme demand.

Changes TO BE APPLIED In 30 Days

Magellan Jets will reach out to communicate additional changes to your agreement regarding round-trip discounts and trip scheduling. Beginning in 30 days, for your flight to be eligible for a round-trip discount, it will have to be booked at least ten days in advance and use the same aircraft for the entire trip. Additionally, international trips will no longer qualify for the round-trip discount. Cancellations of flights taking place on published high-volume days will need to be made at least ten days in advance.

Our Team Is Here to Help You Navigate These Supply Chain Issues—And any other issues that arise as a result of the pandemic

Be sure to contact your personal aviation consultant or call us at 877-550-5387 if you have any questions about your program changes or how to best schedule your upcoming flight. We will continue to provide all our guests with updates and information to help navigate this unprecedented time together, and to help ensure the safest and best flight experience possible. As always, thank you for continuing to put your trust in Magellan Jets—and we look forward to the next time we welcome you aboard .

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