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NUVO Magazine, Canada’s authority on the exceptional in travel, food and wine, fashion, and more, has featured Magellan Jets and its award-winning Explorer Membership in a recent article on increased demand for private aviation services. The piece, titled “Private Aviation is Booming, But Can it Last?” discusses the changing demographic of those who fly private, and how Magellan, the premier private aviation solutions provider, has adapted its programs to meet the needs of these new fliers.

Magellan’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Garrett Seiple, spoke with NUVO’s Jillian Dara about the post-pandemic influx of new, first-time fliers coming from commercial aviation:

But the people who were flying weren’t traditional business executives seeking a convenient same-day arrival and departure, or celebrities who wanted privacy. Private jet setters began to include families, particularly with children, or elderly travellers looking for convenience and connection. “We have seen a real split down the middle with travel for business and pleasure,” emphasizes Garrett Seiple, director of marketing and communications at Magellan Jets, the private aviation company based out of Massachusetts that witnessed a 131 per cent increase in membership from 2020 to 2021.
“There are those clients who are no longer able to reliably get to their usual destinations due to commercial flight route changes and availability constraints. There are those who are looking to return to travel to reconnect with family after the last year and a half,” Seiple says. “We are also seeing people who are coming out of this pandemic a little more sensitive to just how precious their time is, and so they are deciding to fly private to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip.”

Enter Magellan’s membership programs, which Seiple points out were created at the height of the pandemic “to offer certainty in private travel during the most uncertain times.” Magellan’s Explorer Membership in particular was built to meet the needs of newcomers to private aviation, untangling the often confusing terms of more intensive programs like Jet Cards or fractional services and lowering the barriers to entry. 

After a modest initial investment, Magellan Jets members can book flights on light, mid-size, super-mid, or heavy-cabin jets sourced from the company’s thoroughly-vetted aircraft network. Members fly at fixed rates that are locked in for a full year, avoiding the frustrations of the private charter market’s fluctuating pricing. They’ll have zero blackout days, so they can fly any day of the year—even on holidays—and they can rely on the experts in Magellan’s Flight Support Department to find them a backup flight in the event their aircraft suddenly becomes unavailable. 

Read more about Magellan’s Explorer and Premium Membership options, and click below to read the full article on NUVO’s website.

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