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Making the Most of Every Moment

If there’s any lesson to be learned from this tumultuous year, it’s that we should all do our best to focus on making the most out of every moment that’s given to us.

In both life and business, time is the most precious commodity, and we cannot afford to waste a single second on anything that doesn’t contribute to our health, happiness and success. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 CEO looking to balance commitments at home and work or someone who just wants time to reconnect with family abroad, we all have a responsibility to invest our time wisely.

As CEO of Magellan Jets, I take pride in the fact that we help our guests save time, so they can use it for what truly matters the most. Our focus is always to help companies become more productive with their business travel, as well as give individuals the opportunity to make memories with family and loved ones. Simply put, our job is to make sure your time is never wasted.

With commercial airlines facing steep layoffs, plus cuts in popular routes that may last for several years, it’s becoming harder and harder for businesses and travelers to have direct access to many destinations. Long airport lines, multiple stops and a slew of other issues are likely in store and will result in a lot of lost time you can never get back.

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If you’re planning on traveling for personal or business reasons, make sure to explore the safety and efficiency of private aviation so you can accelerate your business growth, stay connected face to face or enjoy uninterrupted time with loved ones.


Taking a look back on September, it’s unfortunately clear that current commercial aviation issues are impacting travelers.

Beyond the loss of routes and staffing, airlines also continue to deal with health and safety concerns due to the pandemic. As Magellan Jets Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber explained on our podcast last month, a commercial traveler will likely encounter over “86 times fewer people when you fly on business aviation on average,” meaning less of a chance of exposure.

However, regardless of how you fly, it’s imperative that we all take cues from professional pilots on best practices for staying safe and healthy while traveling for the foreseeable future. As veteran travelers who are required by law to maintain rigorous health standards and were already taking precautions against getting sick pre-pandemic, their approach has become even more vital to guests. Before you fly, follow the pilot’s playbook and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well, drinking enough water, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. When you are en route traveling, make sure you are following guidelines by washing your hands, wearing a mask and avoiding crowds and close contact with others in order to maintain social distancing.

As we look at the private aviation industry as a whole last month, it continues to rebound amid the COVID-19 crisis, although corporate flying remains about 30% below 2019 numbers. With popular terminals like Teterboro tracking around 60% below last year’s stats for total flight operations, it’s clear that there’s work to be done to fully revitalize business aviation in the U.S.

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Although things haven’t fully bounced back to 2019 levels, I am very optimistic about the future, especially here at Magellan Jets. As a company, we continue to defy industry expectations and are thrilled to have a growing team of colleagues with two new additions this past month, as well as an ever expanding family of jet card owners, members and charter guests whom we can provide safe, exceptional and purely private experiences.


As we head into October, I couldn’t be more excited about the final quarter of the year.

On the technology front, we continue to make incredible strides with our mobile app, created exclusively for our guests. Expect exciting updates in the coming weeks that will further streamline the booking process and make traveling a breeze for everyone who flies with Magellan Jets.

Overall, we’re also consistently investing in all of our teams, with many exciting new faces joining our family. On the client communications side, we’ve expanded our value add through partnership collaborations and have upped our budget by 30%. Meanwhile, we’ve also increased the budget for our technology and customer service teams by 40% respectively.

With the holiday travel season in full swing, it’s going to be a busy few months as we close out 2020, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Make sure you reach out today to secure your holiday travel plans before it’s too late.

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