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Private Jet Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Welcome to the world of private aviation—a realm where freedom, luxury, and ultimate convenience merge seamlessly with your travel needs. Whether you are a seasoned business traveler or a first-time private flier, understanding private Jet Cards can open the door to a transformative experience.

Here at Magellan Jets, we strive to offer insights that help you to make an informed decision. So, let’s take a closer look at the facets of private Jet Cards. We’ll answer the following questions:

Why Should You Consider A Private Jet Card?
How Can A Jet Card’s Predictable Pricing Benefit You?
What Does Guaranteed Access Mean For You?
How Can You Get The Best Aircraft For Your Needs?
What Is Guaranteed Backup & Recovery?
How Does 24/7 Support Enhance Your Experience?
What Additional Services Enhance Your Travel Experience?


Why Should You Consider a Private Jet Card?

Private Jet Cards represent a commitment to world-class service and unparalleled access to private aircraft. This on-demand model brings the luxury of private travel within reach without the ongoing expenses and responsibilities of aircraft ownership. 

What Are the Benefits for Experienced Private Fliers?

Private Jet Cards simplify the world of private aviation. You don’t have to be an industry expert to enjoy a personalized service tailored to your travel needs. 

Private fliers will find that an initial investment opens the gateway to pay-as-you-fly convenience. Your initiation into this exclusive club ensures you benefit from predictable pricing, flexible flight times, and premium amenities.

Private Aviation Consultants

Your journey with Magellan Jets starts with our exceptional concierge service. Your personal aviation consultant becomes your travel partner, understanding your needs, preferences, and even occasional whims. They ensure that every flight, whether you’re jetting off to Aspen or the Islands, matches your specifications to the minutest detail. 

From planning the itinerary and selecting the perfect private aircraft to arranging for a special in-flight meal or ground transportation at your destination, your private aviation consultant will manage it all.

Investment Model

A private Jet Card revolves around a simple, transparent investment model. By pre-paying for your flight hours, you can enjoy the same amount of flight time at a guaranteed, fixed rate. This way, you can avoid the up-and-down market that often comes with purchasing last-minute flights.

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How Can A JET CARD's Predictable Pricing Benefit You?

Predictability is synonymous with peace of mind. With private Jet Cards, you can say goodbye to the turbulence of variable market pricing.

Locked-In Hourly Rates

Locked-in hourly rates guarantee cost transparency. When you sign up for a Jet Card program, your hourly rates are established upfront for a set period, typically a year. 

These fixed hourly rates do not fluctuate with the market and ensure you’re never blindsided by surcharges or extra costs.

Fixed Rates vs. Variable Market Pricing

In contrast to variable market pricing, fixed rates offer an element of predictability. With market pricing, the cost of charter flights can vary dramatically based on demand, aircraft availability, and other factors.

Fixed rates, however, remain constant, offering predictability and consistency.

Why Is Knowing Costs Upfront Important?

Upfront knowledge of costs empowers you to plan your private travel more efficiently. With a clear understanding of your investment, you can optimize your travels to match your budget and needs. 

It’s not just about cost—it’s about the value you derive from every private flight.

jet card ownership

What Does Guaranteed Access Mean for You?

Guaranteed access under a private Jet Card gives you unwavering freedom in your flying. This assurance means you always have a jet ready for you, ensuring seamless private travel. No more last-minute scrambles or flight cancellations; your private jet charter is as sure as the sun’s rise.

365-Day Access With No Blackout Dates

Having 365-day access to private aircraft is like having a personal flight department at your beck and call. With Magellan, there are no blackout dates, whether you’re booking at the peak of the holiday season or just in time for a special event.

While commercial carriers and fractional ownership platforms may limit availability, a Jet Card program keeps you flying high every day of the year.

Flying On Short Notice

When you need to fly, time is of the essence. That’s why most private Jet Cards offer flexibility for short-notice flights. With as little as 24 hours’ notice, your jet will be ready to take you to your destination. 

Whether you need to get to an unexpected business meeting or a spontaneous weekend getaway, your Jet Card puts you in control.

Aircraft Availability

As a Jet Card Owner, you gain access to a vast fleet provided by top-tier air carriers. Your Jet Card provider, like a charter company or charter operator, leverages relationships with multiple providers to ensure an aircraft is always available for your travel needs. 

From light jets for short hops to large cabin aircraft for longer journeys, the sky’s the limit.


How Can You Get the Best Aircraft for Your Needs?

Every journey is unique, and so are your needs for each trip. That’s where your Private Aviation Consultant steps in. Based on your travel requirements, they will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you get the most suitable aircraft for each journey. Their expert account management makes your flight experience truly bespoke.

High-Quality Aircraft

Quality in the realm of private aviation isn’t just a luxury—it’s a standard. As a private Jet Card Owner, you get access to some of the finest aircraft on the market. 

From manufacturers like Bombardier and Gulfstream to the cutting-edge designs of newer players, you can expect top-of-the-line interiors, advanced in-flight technologies, and impeccable maintenance records.

Finding the Right Jet

Your personal consultant is more than just a service representative; they’re your ally in the skies. They understand your preferences, your frequent routes, and your unique needs. They help you navigate the various jet categories, from light jets to heavy aircraft, and assist in making the best choice for each trip. 

It’s like having a personal shopper for the entire private aviation market.

Switching Between Different Jet Categories

One of the key advantages of private Jet Cards is the flexibility they offer. Depending on your travel needs, you can seamlessly switch between different jet categories—and while some providers restrict your ability to do so, Magellan Jets guarantees your ability to interchange to larger or smaller aircraft.

Today, you might need a light jet for a quick trip, and tomorrow, a heavy jet for a transcontinental flight. The versatility of your Jet Card ensures you always have the right aircraft for the right mission.

Varied Flight Needs

Each journey is as distinct as the traveler. Therefore, a Jet Card that caters to varied flight needs can be a game-changer. Whether you’re flying solo to a business meeting or bringing the entire family on vacation, the versatility of your Jet Card caters to it all.


What Is Guaranteed Backup & Recovery?

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to travel, especially negative ones. In the event your jet becomes unavailable because of pre-flight mechanical issues or any other type of disruption, a Jet Card from Magellan Jets guarantees a no-requote backup flight, ensuring your travel plans remain intact.

What Are Recovery Flight Options?

Recovery flight options refer to the provision of an alternate aircraft should your scheduled jet become unavailable. Whether it’s a mechanical issue or unforeseen circumstances, you won’t be grounded—and with Magellan, you won’t be charged extra, either. 

Your top-of-the-line Jet Card program ensures a replacement jet is available to carry you to your destination.

How Does a Jet Card Protect Against Pre-Flight Mechanical Issues?

Pre-flight mechanical issues can derail your plans and lead to significant inconvenience. However, as a Jet Card Owner, you are protected against such contingencies. Your provider’s dedicated team works round the clock to ensure your aircraft is in perfect flying condition. 

But should there be an unforeseen issue, a backup is always at the ready. That’s the peace of mind your private Jet Card guarantees.

Magellan Jets Flight Operations Center

How Does 24/7 Support Enhance Your Experience?

Imagine having a dedicated team at your service around the clock. That’s what 24/7 support in private jet service means. 

Whether you have a midnight flight plan alteration or a dawn departure, your dedicated team is ready to assist at all times. This constant support is more than convenience—it’s a commitment to your seamless travel experience.

In-House Support From FAA-Certificated Aviation Professionals

When it comes to your safety and comfort in the skies, nothing but the best will do. This is where in-house support from FAA-Certificated Aviation professionals steps in. These are experts with vast knowledge of air charter regulations, flight operations, and aircraft mechanics. They ensure every detail of your flight—from safety checks to flight plans—meets the highest standards.

Flight Tracking, Planning, and Safety Checks

Your dedicated Flight Support Team plays an instrumental role in every facet of your journey. Flight tracking ensures your journey progresses smoothly, while flight planning ensures your travel is as efficient and enjoyable as possible. 

Safety checks conducted by certificated professionals guarantee that every part of your private jet is in optimal condition and your pilots and crew are among the most experienced in the industry. This combination of tracking, planning, and checking works like a well-oiled machine, giving you a world-class private jet experience.

Gourmet catering presentation on board

What Additional Services Enhance Your Travel Experience?

In the realm of private aviation, it’s the additional services that transform a journey from mere transportation into an incredible experience. These can range from personalized in-flight meals to tailored ground transportation arrangements. 

Have a preferred brand of spirits or a favorite snack? With your private jet service, it’ll be waiting for you on board. Need a luxury car to pick you up from your home? Consider it done. These add-ons epitomize personalized service.

the bottom line

A private Jet Card does more than provide a mode of transport—it offers an unparalleled travel experience. It combines the practicality of guaranteed availability with the luxury of personalized service, all under the umbrella of utmost safety and professionalism.

Beyond convenience and luxury, a Jet Card provides peace of mind. The value of a private Jet Card is knowing you can count on reliable service and that every detail of your journey is in capable hands.

No matter your mission, Magellan has a Jet Card solution tailored to your needs. We now offer both a general, aircraft category-inclusive card and a premium jet-specific card in each of four cabin sizes: ​

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