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Magellan Jets 101: How to Find the Perfect Fitting Suit

On the street, there’s no question about it– a well-fitting suit looks the best. Whether it’s snatching something perfect off the rack, or commissioning a custom-made suit, there’s an art to looking snazzy in and out of the office. Here are a few tips Magellan Jets has collected to make sure you look like a million bucks wearing your suit.
Start first with the shoulders of the jacket because they are the most crucial to a good fit. The suit’s shoulders should hug yours; shoulder pads should not protrude beyond your own shoulders. Check this area first by standing sideways against a wall if the shoulder pad touches the wall before your arm does, the suit is too big.
Chest: You should be able to easily button the jacket without it straining. Keep in mind there shouldn’t be too much space between the button and your chest either-no more than a fist’s worth.
When your arms are hanging straight down, you should be able to cup your fingers under the sides of your suit jacket. Your jacket should be long enough to cover your buttocks. If you have very long legs, however; you may want to wear your jacket slightly longer than your buttocks to make your legs appear shorter and more balanced.
Jacket Sleeve Length:
The jacket sleeve should hit right at the wrist joint. However, some men like to have a quarter inch of the shirt cuff to show, exposing their cuff links. This is not for shorter men though. It shouldn’t look like you’re wearing your little brother’s jacket.

[•] A center vent is all-purpose; it is modern yet traditional. You can’t go wrong with this choice.
[•] Side vents are more European and a bit more refined. They make it easier for you to reach into your pockets without having to fold your jacket up.
[•] A ventless is the cleanest and dressiest in appearance, but they aren’t very convenient.
Complete the Outfit: A mistake a lot of men make is purchasing a suit without the rest of the outfit. Remember, without the tie, the socks, the shoes, it’s nothing. You’ll need a minimum of two shirts: one white, one light blue.There’s only one rule for socks: they must be darker than your suit. If your suit is a very dark navy, you can even wear black socks. Ties, of course, can run the gamut, but if you’re not ready to experiment, just go solid.

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