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Shark Tank Star Robert Herjavec On Business Aviation & Magellan Jets

By Jack Olcott
When asked why he owns a Bombardier Challenger 604 business jet plus two Magellan Jet charter cards, entrepreneur and successful investor Robert Herjavec, star of ABC TV’s Shark Tank, related the advice given to him by a friend many years ago. Paraphrasing, Herjavec said “Any problem that you have in life that can be solved with money is really not that big. The only thing in life that we have that we cannot get back is time. I always think that the aircraft is the ultimate time machine.”

Continuing the theme that time is the key ingredient in business development, he said “We use our aircraft as business tools. They save us time. The amount of places we can be and how quickly we can be there is a real competitive advantage. There are a lot of business centers in the USA that are within an hour’s flying time. Traveling quickly to exciting situations is a great way to use a business airplane.”
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He described a typical trip: He finished filming in Los Angeles at 8pm, appeared on the Katie Couric Show at 8am in New York City the next morning, lunched with customers there, traveled to Chicago for a business dinner the same day and returning to his home base in Toronto for an early morning appointment the following day. “You cannot do that in a commercial environment,” he concluded.

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