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In a new piece, Forbes examines the uptick in interest over private jets as America reopens. While the country rebounds from COVID-19 lockdown measures, many first-time private flyers are now considering business aviation as a safer alternative to commercial travel. In addition, Magellan Jets President and Founder Anthony Tivnan explains how health and safety are fueling the rise in private jet interest to Forbes. Check out more from the piece below.

Magellan Jets President Talks New Customer Surge with Forbes

Overall, the Forbes piece gives a great overview as to why more people are seeking private aviation. Although the pandemic caused disruption early on, many providers are rebounding nicely. Specifically, charter flights are back to “90% booking capacity as of June of 2020,” according to Forbes.

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As Tivnan tells the publication, Magellan Jets is seeing a huge increase in requests and new customers. Check out an excerpt from the article below.

“We’ve seen a massive surge in inbound request and new customer acquisition,” in the last 90 days, said Magellan Jets’ President, Anthony Tivnan. The private jet and charter company reported a 117% increase in customer acquisition for June.

“There are about 8.2 million households in the US with a net worth of two million or more. The majority of them weren’t flying private before,” said Tivnan. “We are seeing a huge shift in that narrative now it is a health and safety concern.”

Click the link below to read the full Forbes article.

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