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Best Jet Card For Europe: Your European Summer Getaway With Magellan Jets

With our latest program enhancements, the decreasing cost of jet fuel, and the benefits provided by our industry-leading Jet Card, there’s never been a better time for flying private within Europe with Magellan Jets. Read on to learn how our Jet Card Owners can use their program to enjoy the most access and flexibility for their European travel.


Europe With Your Jet Card—How Does It Work?

  1. 1. Use your Jet Card funds on a private charter trip to Europe
  2. 2. Fly between European locations at your fixed Jet Card rates

Flying to and within Europe with your Magellan Jet Card is simple. As a Jet Card Owner, you’ll first draw from the funds you’ve placed on your account to pay dynamic pricing for your cross-Atlantic flight. Once you’re on the continent, you’ll take advantage of our supply chain investments and enhancements to our operator/vendor network to enjoy guaranteed, 365-day access to aircraft at your program’s fixed rates.

The Most Competitive Hourly Rates

We’ve recently leveraged our strong, stable, and asset-light business model to pass even more value onto our customers. We’ve launched lower hourly pricing across our Jet Card lineup—so when you fly at your fixed pricing across Europe, you’ll be doing so at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

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Fuel Prices Going Down

There’s another reason to get excited about European summer travel. We’ve seen a significant decrease in the price of jet fuel, so we’ve lowered our fuel rates accordingly. Coupled with the reduced hourly rates across our Jet Card program, the value for Magellan’s guests is extraordinary.


Enjoy all the benefits of your fixed-rate Jet Card program as you fly around Europe—and with our new competitive pricing and reduced fuel rates, you’ll travel with ease and peace of mind. Learn more about our Jet Card program here—or, fill out the form below to request information and a consultation from one of our Private Aviation Consultants.


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