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Innovation Is The Key To Facing Adversity

From keeping proper social distance when crossing the street to figuring out how to safely see family this holiday season, travel is a bit more complicated this year. While we all continue facing adversity, Magellan Jets has relied on innovation, focus and creativity to make things simple, safe and seamless for our guests, offering peace of mind at a time when it couldn’t be needed more.

I’m so proud of the Magellan Jets Flight Support and Guest Services teams for all of their tireless efforts in maintaining the highest health and safety protocols, which have been paramount to our operations since day one of the pandemic. They are constantly monitoring flights and destinations to make sure that all COVID-19 guidelines—which can vary greatly from country to country, state to state and even city to city—so that our guests are informed and prepared well in advance of their trips. In addition, our team provides active monitoring and 24/7, real-time support in cases of any last-minute needs or changes. That’s why everyone from businesses to baseball legend David Ortiz, aka Big Papi himself, trust us to keep them, their colleagues and their loved ones healthy, safe and secure.

“Thank you Magellan Jets for always taking care of me. If you want to know more about it, download the app. This family will take care of you forever,” – David Ortiz on his Magellan Jets experience

Beyond ensuring the well-being of our jet card owners, pay-as-you-go members and on-demand charter clients, we’ve also invested greatly in making things as easy and user-friendly as possible through innovation and technology. The fantastic rollout of the Magellan Jets app is a welcomed addition to our portfolio of purely private solutions, streamlining the booking and trip management experience. Providing access to best-in-class aircraft in the palm of your hand is another great tool we’ve been working on to further uncomplicate the world of private travel for first-time flyers, experienced business aviation users and everyone in between.

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The ability to innovate as a business is made possible by our strong foundation, built on an infrastructure of people and resources that are truly dedicated to our guests. While it takes time for companies to find the right developers, programmers and digital architects who both embrace a company’s culture and processes as well as intimately understand clients’ pains, needs and successes, it’s worth it. When that perfect combination happens, the results are increased customer happiness and a lifetime of value.


Overall, the private jet industry is still catching to 2019 volume numbers, as 77% of airports that see business aviation traffic are still experiencing less traffic than last year. However I echo Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan’s optimism over business travel rebounding as more and more companies seek out private aviation solutions as a way to safely get back to their regular business activities and continuity plans. As a recent poll by Business Traveler shows, there’s a growing appetite to travel by individuals and companies that need to get moving in order to get things done:

“More than three quarters of respondents said that they believe face-to-face meetings for sales and pitching are preferable to remote working, while six out of ten business travelers said that the majority of deals and decisions cannot be made virtually.”

One way we’ve tried to help guests and businesses stay informed is throughout coverage of the CARES Act and its tax holiday benefits. Months before others were even talking about it, we were giving our clients the tools to understand the immense savings they can experience by investing in private travel before the end of the year. Our approach to the CARES Act even caught the attention of CNBC last month, as the business channel highlighted Magellan Jets in its segment on the tax holiday for private aviation. It’s a privilege to work on the same side of the table as our guests, providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their travel.

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As Magellan Jets celebrates a record month for jet cards sold and renewed, it’s clear that the purely private solutions we offer are tailored made to help clients and businesses endure this time of uncertainty by having a risk-free way of traveling. Seeing how bullish our clients are about the future of travel makes me extremely optimistic about the economy and aviation in 2021 and beyond.


As we close out the final quarter of 2020, expect Magellan Jets to continue to innovate in all aspects of our services, constantly making things easier for our guests.

On the technology front, we’ll be updating the Magellan Jets app as it evolves with the needs of our guests. The recent addition of membership access now allows the app to serve the unique experiences of each type of Magellan Jets client, including jet card owners, members and charter guests.

Additionally, we’ll be featuring exciting partnership with destinations that can offer healthy and safe havens for you and your loved ones this holiday season and into 2021. In particular, fly and set sail to safe havens with Magellan Jets and IYC. Just in time for the holidays, our special 10-hour Challenger 300/350 jet card comes with $50,000 in yacht charter credits. With a diligent focus on creating environments with enhanced health protocols in place, these collaborations are intended to provide a complete, safe experience from before you even board to when you check in and well beyond.

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