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From the Cockpit Episode #22: What You Need to Know about Jet Memberships

On episode 22 of From the Cockpit, Magellan Jets Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber and Director of Flight Support Ryan Foss return to the podcast to break down everything you need to know about jet memberships with Magellan Jets. Discover how the programs work, what health and safety systems are in place, how to take advantage of special discounts and more.


As Weeber and Foss discuss on the podcast, the recently launched jet membership programs at Magellan Jets were tailored made for this moment of uncertainty. In tandem with the Magellan Jets app, members have “access to a pre-vetted fleet in your pocket,” with the ability to fly aboard four categories of aircraft for an initial investment of just $8,500.

Membership also provides guaranteed availability with as little as 12 hours’ notice, plus locked-in hourly rates for 12 months, with contracts only beginning upon your first membership flight. Members also never have to worry about blackout dates or peak travel surcharges.

“You want to pay a membership fee to have that certainty,” Weeber says. “It’s a way of canceling uncertainty.”

Additional Membership Benefits & Tips

The private aviation experts go on to break down additional tips and benefits of becoming a Magellan Jets member. One key aspect is the Magellan Jets app, which helps keep members up to date and informed about their trips.

“The app was built to provide you, the customer, the member, with vital trip information as soon as we confirm it,” says Foss. “So it really is a compliment to the Flight Support Department.”

Another key benefit of jet memberships with Magellan Jets is a discount on qualifying round trips, which are two hours per day of your trip. Members who provide all of their arrival and departure information to the Flight Support team ahead of time can receive significant savings on their travel.

“Often time, as long as the trip is a qualifying round trip, you can actually receive a 10% round-trip discount,” explains Foss.

Listen to the full podcast episode above to learn more membership tips, how to take advantage of carbon offsetting options, Magellan Jets’ 5 X 5 Pure Sky Safety Standard and more. Also, click the link below to learn more about jet memberships with Magellan Jets.

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