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From The Cockpit Episode 7: First-Time Private Jet Flyer Tips

In episode 7 of From the Cockpit, the Magellan Jets podcast, Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber explain everything that first-time private jet flyers need to know. In particular, Weeber breaks down the major differences between first class and private aviation, helpful tips for your first trip and more. Click the link below to listen to the full From the Cockpit episode.


In the latest episode of From the Cockpit, Magellan Jets COO Todd Weeber provides helpful information for navigating private aviation.

To kick things off, Weeber describes the major differences between flying private and first class, as well as breaks down the private jet experience. According to the Magellan Jets executive, the big differences between them come down to the “experience on the ground.”

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“Going to an airline terminal, even if you’re a premium, ultra-first-class, gazillion-mile flyer,” Weeber says, “You’re still experiencing a completely different world from the business aviation side.”

He goes on to talk about the benefits of private aviation terminals or fixed based operators (FBOs). In particular, Weeber describes them as “almost a secret world,” due to their purely private nature. Additionally, Weeber explains how FBOs can fit all kinds of needs, like providing meeting spaces and fully stocked kitchens.

Another major difference between the commercial and private experience is not having to navigate lines. FBOs are much smaller and allow you to arrive right before boarding. In many cases, you can even be driven right up to the aircraft.

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“You can drive your car or have your car take you to plane side,” says Weeber. “You can just pull through the gate, come right up plane side, pull the door open [and] there’s your captain right there waiting to welcome you on the airplane.”

Listen to the full From the Cockpit episode for more information and helpful tips for first-time flyers.

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