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Jackson Hole Guide: View of the Grand Teton Mountains from Schwabacher Landing on the Snake River. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, United States.

A Private Jet Traveler’s Guide to Visiting Jackson Hole

Need to get away? Escape to the Wild West of Wyoming with our private jet traveler’s guide to Jackson Hole.

Many celebrities and other high-profile individuals enjoy Jackson Hole for its remote, ranch-style vibe as well as its stunning natural scenery. Visitors also appreciate the destination for its privacy, rustic tranquility and laid-back luxury. Nicknamed the world’s most expensive ski town, it’s a major hot spot for winter sports enthusiasts too.

Want to experience the allure of this world-renowned destination for yourself? Read our ultimate guide for flying private to Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole Guide: The Ultimate itinerary for Private Jet Travelers

Jackson Hole guide to sunrise view of grand teton and a stream schwabachers landing in grand teton national park, usa

How to fly Private to Jackson Hole

Flying private to Jackson Hole promises a panorama of natural wonders; the valley town is tucked away amidst the Teton Mountains and the pristine landscape of Grand Teton National Park. Booking a private jet to Jackson Hole is the ideal way to get there, in part because of the area’s beauty, which you see up-close from the air.

Additionally, a private jet trip is one of the only ways to get to Jackson Hole, as options are limited. In general, direct flights to Jackson Hole are only offered from U.S. 12 cities Fortunately, there is a dedicated private jet terminal at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), the only airport serving Jackson Hole.

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Flying here is especially exclusive because JAC is actually the only commercial airport in the U.S. located within a national park. Because of this, there are noise restrictions to consider; only specific jets with quiet capabilities can land at JAC. At 6,300 feet, the runway length is suitable for all types of commercial aircraft and private jets. However, only stage III jets may land at JAC due to these restrictions.

Located at an elevation of 6,451 feet, Jackson Hole also requires the expertise of an experienced private jet pilot. But, the journey is worth it: JAC’s location at the base of the Teton Range makes for spectacular take-offs and approaches, especially at sunset.

JAC is located 7 miles north of the center of town, so once your private jet lands, you don’t have far to go. Our Jackson Hole guide will show you the best spots to stay once you land.

jackson hole guide: A colorful spring sunset at Teton Range, seen from an abandoned old ranch in Mormon Row historic district, in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA.

Where to Stay: Luxury Accommodations

Whether you want to stay on a dude ranch, pitch a tent or bask in the lap of luxury, Jackson Hole has ample lodging options. Popular hotels for luxury private jet travelers include Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole, Hotel Jackson, The White Buffalo Club and Amangani. Each has a rustic-chic flair and elegant amenities.

Of course, no vacation is complete without mouthwatering eats to match. Book a table at Snake River Grill, Gather, or historic home-style eatery The Blue Lion for a memorable meal. If you’re up for a culinary adventure, the slow cooked meats and exotic game options (think buffalo, venison and elk) at cowboy-inspired steakhouse Gun Barrel are popular for a hearty meal after a long day on the slopes. Overall, the top-rated restaurants in Jackson Hole tend toward the upscale but unfussy.

Jackson Hole Guide: Backcountry Skiing across a lake heading for the Middle Teton, Grand Teton National Park

The Best things to do in Jackson Hole

Wondering what the best things to do in Jackson Hole are? The options for private jet travelers depend on the season.

Beloved for its award-winning slopes, Jackson Hole is consistently ranked as a top ski resort destination in a guide by Forbes. The tiny, scenic valley town offers impressive terrain, challenging runs and ample powder all winter long.

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In winter time, skiing, snowboarding, and apres-ski activities are among the top things to do in Jackson Hole. You can also take a wildlife safari or book a day at a relaxing mountain spa, but dog sledding, ice skating, heli skiing and snowmobiling are also popular options.

In the summer, visitors enjoy extended hours of daylight and pleasant weather. It’s the perfect time to explore the wonder of the great American outdoors. Thankfully, Jackson Hole has a pair of perfect destinations with Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Get outside and plan biking, hiking, camping, fishing and climbing expeditions. Additionally, you can try horseback riding, white water rafting, hot air balloon rides and wagon train tours. Altogether, these adventures make for the perfect summer itinerary in Jackson Hole.

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