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U.S. National Parks like Isle Royale in Michigan are great American outdoor destinations

Great American Outdoors: Swap The City For U.S. National Parks Destinations

Absconding to Iceland or Portugal on a private jet for a European vacation is always fun, but don’t forget about the great American outdoors. Skip the crowds and find solace by flying private to where wide open spaces and fresh air come part and parcel with the experience. Skip the city and explore the beauty of America’s treasures: the expansive wilderness of U.S. National Parks.

    • U.S. National Parks: 3 Destinations to Explore The Great American Outdoors

Wondering which U.S. National Parks and remote destinations to visit for an upcoming private jet excursion? Here are a few ideas for your next trip with us.

1. Dry Tortugas National Park

u.s. national parks dry tortuga boardwalk in ocean of key west florida

The 100-square-mile Dry Tortugas National Park, located west of Key West, Florida, is mostly open water and 70 miles from the nearest city. Meanwhile, the actual Tortugas islands are only accessible by boat or plane (most commonly, a seaplane charter). Thankfully, Key West has a small airport of its own to fly into via private jet: Key West International Airport (EYW). From there, a seaplane or boat is necessary to access this part of the great American outdoors.

Across its 7 islands, Dry Tortugas National Park sports protected coral reefs, beaches, a lighthouse and the remains of an 1875 shipwreck. Also, visitors will find nesting sites for seabirds and even the 19th-century Fort Jefferson. Additionally Dry Tortugas National Park is popular for diving and enjoying time out on the water. It just may be the perfect place to entertain yourself on your private jet journey through the U.S. National Parks.

2. Isle Royale National Park

trees and water at isle harbor u.s. national parks

A remote island cluster located in Lake Superior, Michigan near the U.S.-Canada border, Isle Royale National Park is where people who fly private go when they’re seeking peace and solitude. Consequently, expect car-free, roadless backcountry with ample forests, lakes, waterways and wildlife. Generally, the only way to access this U.S. National Parks destination is via boat or seaplane.

To get as close as possible to this U.S. National Park, fly private as a Magellan Jets member or book a private jet charter into Houghton County Memorial Airport (CMX), Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT), Grand Marais/Cook County Airport (CKC, GRM) or Duluth International Airport (DLH).

3. American Samoa National Park

American Samoa ocean and forest view U.S. National Parks

If you want to go really remote while perhaps helping carbon offsetting projects, then consider exploring the great American outdoors in the National Park of American Samoa. Due to it being in U.S. territory that’s many miles from almost everything, only a few thousand people visit each year. It’s comprised of 7 unspoiled islands and atolls floating in the South Pacific, teeming with reefs, rainforests, volcanos. and aquatic life. It’s a perfect getaway for private jet travelers who love visiting scenic U.S. National Parks.

Overall, American Samoa National Park is about as exotic and remote as it gets. Visitors should specifically fly private into Faleolo International Airport (APW), Fitiuta Airport (FAQ), or Ofu Airport (OFU).


Explore the great American outdoors and trust Magellan Jets to get you there safely and efficiently. Most important, a private jet can transport you to remote locales with ease and reliability. In fact, in many cases, the most remote destinations in the world are only reachable via private jet travel.

Book your trip now or call Magellan Jets today at 877-550-5387.

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