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Discovering New Horizons

In the wake of a pandemic and several crises sweeping the globe, summer 2020 arrives at a time when the world could use a ray of hopeful sunshine. As we look to new horizons on several fronts, I can’t help but take a step back to think of all the way things have changed in such a short amount of time, and how we also can’t lose focus as we continue enduring these unprecedented times.

While adjusting to this new normal hasn’t been easy for anyone, here at Magellan Jets, we’ve taken this moment as a challenge to better ourselves and our services. Throughout these tumultuous last few months for the world, we’ve buckled down and focused our attention on ensuring that the needs of our clients are always met. We’ve provided safe travel solutions for transporting at-risked loved ones as well as essential businesses, and above all, haven’t wavered on our promise of delivering excellence with every experience.

Now that destinations at home and across the globe are beginning to reopen, Magellan Jets plans to continue providing healthy and safe travel for guests with new additions to our portfolio of purely private solutions. I’m very excited to introduce Magellan Jets’ new pay-as-you-go membership programs, the safest and most consistent ways to fly privately.

Ideal for new flyers looking to transition from first class into private aviation, as well as businesses in need of supplemental lifts, our new programs mean you always have a jet waiting when you need it most. We invite you to learn more about these innovative services and how you can receive guaranteed access to four categories of aircraft on just a minimal initial investment, as well as locked-in hourly rates, no blackout dates or surcharges, plus the ability to pay-as-you-go.

These new offerings join our already robust portfolio of exciting options, including our jet card ownership and on-demand charter programs. No matter what your needs are, we have a purely private solution that caters to you. We’re excited for you to learn more about our new programs and how you can become a member in the days to come.


Although it’s exciting to take off with our new offerings, this launch has only been possible through the hard work and dedication of the entire Magellan Jets team. While it’s been admittedly stressful, this whole experience has made us all stronger and better people, bringing us together in so many ways.

Our commitment to excellence throughout these difficult times hasn’t just resulted in the launch of new services, but we’ve also been able to attract several new clients over these past few months. As my long-time business partner Anthony Tivnan recently told The New York Times, we’ve seen an 89% increase in new customers since mid-March. This incredible growth despite adjusting our spending throughout the crisis is proof positive that people seek us out because we are the most trusted name in private aviation. Additionally, with a recent Bank of America business jet report showing used jet sales on the rise by 9.6%, it’s clear that our model is the answer to today’s consumers’ most pressing private aviation concerns.

Meanwhile, we’ve also prepared our offices for the next phase of getting back to business, taking every CDC, WHO and governmental recommendation seriously as well as implementing increased safety measures so that we exceed the state’s expectations for reopening. Like our commitment to our guests, we are committed to providing our employees with healthy and safe spaces as we adjust to the new normal.

Our years of recession-proofing efforts and recent preparations in response to COVID-19 have put us in prime position to help new and existing clients with all their private aviation needs for years to come. While the world gets back to some semblance of normal, we can’t wait to explore it with you.


As we enter a new month, I couldn’t be more excited about everything Magellan Jets has going on internally and with our partners.

I’ve loved our work with my friend and CEO Stefanos Makrymichalo, along with his team at IYC, providing purely private jet and yacht charter services to our clients that are beyond world class. Recently, IYC charter consultant Katie Macpherson joined our podcast to discuss the partnership, as well as all the exciting destination reopening for travel that you can explore with us this summer.

Of course, our new membership programs are poised to be game changers for Magellan Jets, as we continue to discover new ways to serve you, your loved ones and your colleagues. Providing the freedom and flexibility of always having healthy, safe and purely private travel ready when you need it most, our new services make exploring business aviation easier than ever.

While the summer continues, demand will rise, so be sure to reach out to our Aviation Consultants today to secure your next trip or travel solution. We can wait to discover new horizons with you.

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