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5 Questions To Decide If You Should Become A Jet Member Or An Owner!

1) How often do you plan on traveling and will it always be the same route?

Membership: Are you traveling to one specific place a couple times? Or are you going to be traveling many times to and from a variety of locations? Membership and ownership both have benefits when you are traveling a lot. If you are traveling more than 25 hours annually personally, or as a corporate member more than 100 flight hours a membership is the best route. If you are always going to the same few places membership is smart because the operators are well versed on all aspects of that place.

Ownership: Options are pretty endless when it comes to ownership. You can go wherever you wish because you are the only one traveling. The more you fly the smarter ownership ends up being, having the convince to get up and go in your own jet is truly amazing.

2) Who and how many people are going to be flying? (Corporate vs. Personal)

Membership: For personal reasons, switching the aircraft you are flying in is great, its usually just you and maybe some family members so the size can vary a little more. If you are flying membership Magellan will find the exact right jet for you and your needs.

Ownership: Ownership makes it so one specific aircraft is yours, you can’t change it every time you will be flying. For business travelers especially, a team of eight executives that makes a trip to six different offices over two days certainly appreciates being in the right size aircraft, rather than squeezing into something tiny. You always know exactly what and who will be flying.

3) Over all pricing and hidden costs?

Membership: Whether you are going to be a member or a owner pricing won’t matter overall. But pricing details can vary a lot when it comes to member or ownership. Membership pricing is clear and concise, when they tell you the price, thats the exact price you will pay.

Ownership: Owning your own aircraft can be risky at times, especially when dealing with costs. Something minor goes wrong, it is all on you. If something breaks on a jet you are chartering through membership, that is the companies responsibility and money at risk.

4) Do you care specifically about the type of Jet you will be flying in?

Membership: Membership focuses around a certain amount of jets that you have available to yourself. This makes your flight experience a little different each time you travel. If you are someone who wants to try a bunch of different jets out, than membership would be better than ownership.

Ownership: You have your own jet, it is yours and it is constant. You will always be flying in that specific one, so if you always want the newest most high tech jet, ownership wouldn’t be the best option for you. With your own jet you can customize it to your liking as well.

5) How flexible is your schedule?

Membership: Magellan does a amazing job for members that you almost always have first priority to get a flight where ever you want. At times it can be a little more difficult because a jet has to be available for you.

Ownership: The Jet is yours, and is always available to you no matter the day or time. You can be ready to fly anywhere you wish in a blink of an eye.

Interested in learning more about membership, ownership or chartering, visit Magellan Jets below!

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