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7 Factors to Consider in Researching the Best Private Travel Solution

Choosing the best private travel solution for your business can be time-consuming since there are a number of private jet companies. If you’re considering private travel for the first time, or changes in your mission have made it necessary to re-evaluate your travel portfolio, there are a few key points you should consider. After all, private jets and programs are as individual as the travelers that use them. We’ve identified 7 of the major factors you should consider in selecting a private jet provider.

Best Private Travel Solution: 7 Factors to Consider


Air travel is considered one of the safest forms of transit, and the numbers back it up. In private aviation, the safety of your trip can be greatly affected by the training and certifications of your operators and flight crew. When evaluating your options, look for a private jet operator that meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety standards, and ideally performs its own inspections and certification for operators.


When it comes to private jets, bigger isn’t always better. Consider your overall travel needs when choosing an aircraft: How many hours a year are you flying? How many people will generally be aboard? With many aircraft and options available, it’s important that your chosen aircraft meets the majority of your needs for both headcount and luggage capacity. Also, if pets figure into your travel, be sure your four-legged guests are welcomed aboard.


Just as important as capacity, make sure your private jet of choice can “go the distance” for all your major routings. Selecting the appropriate weight class for your private jet ensures that your time and investment enjoy maximum efficiency by reducing or eliminating fuel stops during travel.


With logistics decided, you should carefully consider the comfort factors of your choice. Be sure your operator can meet all your expectations in the air and on the ground; amenities such as catering, ground transportation, in-flight wifi, even the right reading materials can help you make the most of your flight hours. Also, be sure to evaluate the flight support services of your chosen provider. A solid Flight Support team is vital for the rare occasion when things don’t go according to plan.


There are many different ways to fly private, and each presents different challenges and benefits. While fractional and whole jet ownership were once the de facto choices, depending on your business travel needs these options can become both costly and limiting. Carefully consider whether a long-term contract commitment involving a single aircraft is the best private travel solution for your business. You may find that a Membership Model offers better value and service.


Plans and missions change frequently. The aircraft or fractional share that works for your business today may become inadequate a year from now. That may force you to use supplemental lift of private jet charter services to meet your needs. While these are both useful options in certain circumstances, relying on them heavily may be a sign you require more flexible options for your changing business needs.


When all is settled, the value of your investment in private travel should be a priority. Private jet travel isn’t the place for bargain hunting. But, choosing a provider with the best options and flexibility means you’ll realize the best return on this important investment.

Your Research Partner

We understand there are many factors in selecting the best private jet options for your business. Making the right choice requires a fair amount of research and due diligence. However, with the best information and a thorough understanding of your options, you’ll reap the benefits. The best private travel solution offers unmatched convenience, comfort, and safety, while assuring the most value for your investment.

If you’d like to save time in understanding your private jet options, our Private Aviation Consultants are available to assist you. We’ve conducted the necessary research to help you understand private jet variables and come to the best decision for your business and lifestyle.

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