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7 Reasons Why First-Time Flyers Are Choosing Private Aviation

During these times of uncertainty, many first-timer private jet flyers are now entering the private aviation space. From concerns over commercial airline safety to the reliability and convenience of flying private, there are many factors behind this influx of newcomers. Here are seven reasons why first-time flyers are choosing private aviation.

7 Reasons Why First-Time Flyers Choose Private Aviation

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1. Private Aviation Is SafeR Than Commercial Air Travel

As the world endures the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many first-time flyers are choosing private jet travel as a safer alternative to commercial air travel. According to a recent New York Times article, a travel analysis shows that a “person on the average commercial flight has about 700 points of contact with other people and objects.” Meanwhile, private jets significantly reduce exposure risks by limiting touch points to just “20 to 30.” Many private aviation companies, including Magellan Jets, are also enacting enhanced health and safety standards beyond what’s required by the CDC and WHO, further protecting first-time flyers transitioning from first class or commercial business class.

2. Access More of the World

Utilizing private aviation offers travelers access to more parts of the world, as, unfortunately, most commercial airlines are scaling back operations in the wake of COVID-19. Private aviation is often the only option for traveling to some regions. Overall, private travelers can access more than 5,000 terminals and fixed-based operators (FBOs), while commercial aviation only has 500 available airports.

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3. Personalized Guest Services

Another big factor for first-time private jet flyers is the level of guest services. Private aviation provides personalized experiences, with teams working tirelessly to ensure perfection. Here at Magellan Jets, our Guest Services team always puts your needs first. We can help arrange everything from in-flight catering and Wi-Fi, to ground transportation and more, making sure each aspect of your journey is just right.

4. Reliability & Convenience

Even first-class flyers have to wait in airports sometimes. Meanwhile, private jet travelers experience another level of reliability and convenience. Whether you’re chartering a private flight or flying as a member or jet card owner, flying private means landing and take off fit around your schedule. Overall, purely private solutions are more reliable and convenient than their commercial counterparts.

5. Ensure Business Continuity

Beyond leisure travel, private aviation is a great resource for businesses as well. Whether it’s providing safe transportation for executives and employees to transporting critical cargo and essential workers, first-time flyers trust private jets to keep business moving.

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6. Flexibility & Transparency

Whether it’s short-notice scheduling or changing aircrafts, private aviation is much more flexible than commercial travel. In particular, Magellan Jets members can schedule a flight on as little as 12 hours’ notice, with no blackout dates 365 days a year. Members also receive a 12-month locked-in hourly rate, so you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees or surcharges.

7. Guaranteed, Purely Private Solutions

Private aviation provides guaranteed solutions, so you always have an aircraft ready when you need one. Having this invaluable resource offers peace of mind, as you’ll know your experiences will always fit your needs. Explore Magellan Jets’ portfolio of purely private solutions below and start traveling on your terms today.

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