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Hurricane Preparedness Tips beach during a storm

3 Hurricane Preparedness Tips For Private Travelers

While the world weathers a number of crises at once, hurricane season 2020 is also on the horizon and ready to make things difficult. As you plan for summer travel and beyond, make sure you’re ready for whatever may come with these hurricane preparedness tips from Magellan Jets Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber.

3 Hurricane Preparedness Tips

1. Make Hurricane Season Plans As Early As Possible

First, Weeber suggests making your hurricane season plans as early as possible, especially this year. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and civil unrest grows, there’s going to be limited options for booking short-notice travel.

If you think you can book a flight 48 hours out or get into a car to escape a hurricane, Weeber says this “isn’t going to happen.” In particular, he warns that those watching over elderly loved ones and others who require enhanced care require additional advanced planning due to their medical needs.

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“It is a minor military move to take someone who requires a higher standard of medical care,” Weeber explains, noting how they may need special food, medication and other equipment. “It really requires advanced planning.”

“If you are a high risk person, the moment they say that you’re within the cone of uncertainty, you should get up and leave,” he adds.

2. Prepare Your Aviation Go Bag

In addition to making sure your house is secure, Weeber’s hurricane preparedness tips include preparing an aviation go bag. Items to include are a 90-day medication supply and other essentials, including hand sanitizer, soap, food, water and, of course, masks.

If you are flying, Weeber says to prepare your go bag for airport security checks or customs agents. Also, make sure your paperwork and government identification are up to date for you, your loved ones and even your pets.

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3. You Need to Have an Aviation Plan

An aviation plan is a must this hurricane season, as last-minute travel options may not be possible. As we head into summer, Weeber says time is running out to prepare an aviation plan and secure resources in advance.

Since seats and aircraft will be in limited supply, Weeber recommends getting in touch with a Private Aviation Consultant to review healthy and safe private aviation options. These expert advisors know your name and needs, and can help you make and execute your evacuation plan, especially if you’re new to the world of private jets.

Weeber also suggests the flexibility of jet card ownership. This purely private solution provides you guaranteed access to the perfect aircraft to fit your mission. Additionally, Magellan Jets also offers pay-as-you go membership and on-demand charter flight services

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