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Intercontinental private jets gulfstream G450

What Are the Best Aircraft for Intercontinental Travel?

If you plan on visiting your favorite international destinations across the world, then you’ll need to find an aircraft that’s both fast and comfortable enough for you and your guests. Explore our guide to the best intercontinental private jets and discover which options are right for your next globetrotting adventures. 


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In order to maximize comfort and capabilities for intercontinental travel, we recommend selecting aircraft in the heavy jet category. With the ability to accommodate up to a dozen passengers, heavy jets are best suited for business travel and intercontinental flights, offering the highest levels of comfort and luxury.

These aircraft typically have long-range capabilities with ample cabin space that can be specially configured so guests can relax or stay productive. The category’s high performance and intercontinental capabilities make it a perfect fit for longer trips.

Best Intercontinental Aircraft

gulfstream g450

Gulfstream G450/550 

As some of the most iconic and popular private jets in the heavy category, the Gulfstream G450/550 are tailored made for intercontinental flights. Offering long-range capabilities and plenty of space to comfortably seat up to 12 passengers, the G450/550 has a maximum range of 4,350 nautical miles, with the ability to fly nonstop from New York City to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Additionally, these intercontinental private jets feature a maximum cruise speed of Mach .88, so you can get to travel across the world to your destination in a flash. The G450/550 can also be configured to accommodate sleeping arrangements for up to six travelers, plus it has enough room for three living areas, two bathrooms and a full-size galley.

best intercontinental aircraft gulfstream IV

Gulfstream IV

Another luxurious heavy jet option, the Gulfstream IV will make your next intercontinental flight relaxing and comfortable no matter where you’re headed. Featuring upgraded engines and increased performance over previous Gulfstream models, the IV can seat up to 12 passengers with 169 cubic feet of baggage space. Additionally, this intercontinental private jets option features amenities such as full-sized lavatory with shower, plus a large galley. Upgraded engines allow it to fly up to 3,800 nautical miles, with improved fuel consumption and decreased cabin noise levels. 

Falcon 2000

Falcon 2000

With its large cabin and intercontinental range, Falcon 2000 can seamlessly serve nonstop flights while providing maximum comfort. Providing spacious accommodations for up to 10 passengers, the Falcon has a wide variety of seating and sleeping arrangements available. Additionally, this intercontinental private jets option has 134 cubic feet of baggage space, so it can hold up to 1,600 pounds of luggage.

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