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Sustainable Business Aviation With Magellan Jets

Magellan Jets is dedicated to advancing sustainable business aviation solutions not only for our guests, but for the benefit of the entire private jet industry. Our sustainability initiatives are driven by the voices of our customers, and we’re proud to help them begin to build their legacy of responsible, green travel. Last year, we were excited to announce our dual commitments to power 100 percent of our flights using sustainable fuel sources by 2030 and to offer 100 percent carbon-zero flights by 2040.  

But green travel isn’t something that is just over the horizonsustainable private aviation is already a reality for our guests. Read on to learn about Magellan Jets’ green initiatives and how we’re making private travel greener today.  

Sustainable Travel Through Carbon Offsets 


Even the most efficient aviation program still leaves a trail of carbon output. Carbon offsets allow travelers to counteract some of the secondary effects of their flight. By using offsets to invest in projects that reduce carbon and greenhouse gases in other areas, travelers can balance out the impact of their flying.  

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Through our partnership with terrapass, the undeniable leader in the carbon offsetting industry, all Magellan Jets guests—from Jet Card owners to membership holders to on-demand charter customers—have the ability to carbon offset their entire private aviation portfolio and have been able to do so since 2019. We can even help clients offset travel that was not arranged by Magellan. 

Terrapass was first in their space to invest in understanding emissions on an aircraft-specific basis, making them the perfect match for Magellan. They are one of the only third-party audited and certified offset companies in the United States, using carbon credits to directly fund reputable renewable energy and greenhouse gas projects such as wind power and landfill gas capture initiatives. Since 2004, Terrapass projects have resulted in the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere equivalent to billions of pounds of carbon dioxide.  

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

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Sustainable Aviation Fuels, or SAFs, come from sustainable, renewable resources like biomass, algae, and agricultural waste products instead of fossil fuels. As a result, they can be up to 80 percent less carbon intensive over their life cycle than fossil jet fuels, and will help the aviation industry greatly reduce its carbon footprint.  

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While several commercial airlines have already begun using SAFs, the business aviation industry has an important role to play in making their use more widespread. Currently, one of the barriers to wider SAF use is the limited global supply chain for the sustainable fuels, but enthusiasm for SAFs in the business aviation community will drive higher demand for increased SAF production and get more SAF on the market 

Magellan Jets is helping to set an example for the use of SAFs across the wider aviation industry. We have already begun the shift toward working with preferred operators based on their use of SAFs, directing our purchasing power away from traditional fuels and toward cleaner, greener alternatives—and as we mentioned above, we are working toward a goal of ensuring all of our flights are powered 100 percent by sustainable fuel sources by 2030.  

Sustainable Destinations And Partnerships 

coral restoration

Magellan Jets is proud to connect our guests with the best in safe, purely private, and unforgettable destinations—and with our latest collaboration, we’ve partnered with the eco-conscious Lovango Beach Club & Resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Each of Lovango’s luxurious oceanside accommodations was built with a soft footprint and designed to be in complete harmony with nature; the resort even serves their own sustainably made Little Gem Spirits distilled from the breadfruit tree.  

Most significantly, Lovango is working with the University of the Virgin Islands on a large coral reef restoration project on the reefs surrounding Lovango Cay. Guests at the resort can view the restoration firsthand and learn about the value of healthy coral reefs. 

Now, Magellan and Lovango have teamed up to offer a special 10-hour Coral Reef Restoration Jet Card. With this package, guests will enjoy a five-night stay at Lovango, where they will enjoy a complementary self-guided snorkeling tour of Lovango’s coral reef restoration project. To get them to and from the USVI, the package includes 10 hours on a Challenger 300, stocked with Little Gem Spirits and completely covered by Terrapass carbon offsets. This package is available through June 15, 2022. 

YOur Guide To Green Travel 

If you’re curious about the ways you can work to reduce your carbon footprint and make your private travel more sustainable, we’ve developed a useful resource for private travelers in our Green Travel Guide. Learn about the effects of private aviation on the environment and Magellan’s role in providing sustainable travel options with our private traveler’s toolkit! 

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