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The Freedom to Fly

As we emerge from months of coronavirus lockdowns here in Massachusetts, I know myself and countless others are looking forward to experiencing adventures safely again. Whether that’s just riding my bike and enjoying this great weather or traveling to safe destinations for socially distanced fun and thrills, getting the chance to move around again gives me a new appreciation for what it means to have the freedom to fly.

As we return from the July 4th holiday, those of us who are able to travel and rediscover the world again cannot take for granted this immense privilege. Having the freedom to see breathtaking mountain views or swim along crystal clear ocean shores is such a precious gift, especially during these uncertain times.

From aiding those in need of essential travel during this crisis, to helping clients safely start exploring this beautiful planet again, I couldn’t be prouder of our work here at Magellan Jets. It’s humbling to know so many have trusted us with their private aviation needs over these many years, and we look forward to continuing helping others find their freedom to travel in the days and decades to come.

While you rekindle your spirit for adventure, I hope you’ll explore our portfolio of purely private solutions, including on-demand charter flights, pay-as-you-go membership and jet card ownership. We look forward to helping you rediscover the world again.


With recent U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics showing that the U.S. economy added 4.8 million jobs in June, it’s great to see America safely getting back to business again. At Magellan Jets, we plan to help businesses keep moving, while providing access to safe and purely private travel solutions.

As such, we’re proud to celebrate the launch of our new Membership program this past month, the latest addition to our portfolio of purely private solutions. By adding this offering, we hope to give more guests the ability to travel on their terms, allowing them to have a private jet ready when they need it most. For a complete overview of the program, you can learn more about Membership with Magellan Jets here.

Along with celebrating the launch of Membership, June has been a great month for a number of reasons. As our home state of Massachusetts reopens and successfully combats the virus, here at Magellan Jets, we’re helping more and more people safely travel so they can experience the world again. As my partner Anthony Tivnan recently discussed on the Magellan Jets podcast with Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins, leadership has been so important during these times of uncertainty, and a critical component to the reopening process. We applaud leaders in our communities and business who continue to lead with safety throughout this evolving situation.

Additionally, this month saw the introduction of several exciting experiences you can now enjoy with Magellan Jets and our partners. I’m particularly excited about our new offering with IYC Yachts and White Desert, where you can have a safe, socially distanced and luxurious getaway in Antarctica at the South Pole. You’ll even get to see Emperor Penguins up close and personal. Reach out to us today about arranging these adventures and once in a lifetime experiences.


Heading into July, I’m especially looking forward to Magellan Jets’ transition back to the office along with the rest of Massachusetts. Getting the chance to see everyone again, albeit at a safe social distance, is something I cherish. Like the many precautions we take preparing each and every flight for our clients, we’ve taken several important steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees. From required morning health checks and designated hand sanitation stations, to mask and social distancing requirements, we’re going above and beyond to provide a safe environment for everyone.

But overall, I hope that we all take some time to reflect on how we can’t take our freedom for granted. If these paths few months have taught us anything, it’s that we must live life to the fullest when we can, and experience adventures with our friends, family and loved ones, to create memories that will last lifetimes.

Should you need help safely planning your next adventure, our Private Aviation Consultants are happy to help guide you through our portfolio of purely private solutions. From jet card ownership and membership programs to on-demand charter services, we can help you no matter what your mission requires.

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