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Magellan Jets Memberships

6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Magellan Jets Memberships

Magellan Jets memberships unlock a world of possibilities for private jet travelers, providing safety and certainty, without large upfront costs or long-term commitments. Not only do members enjoy guaranteed access to a fleet of aircraft from their pockets, but they also receive a number of additional benefits that further enhance their purely private experiences. Here are six important tips for getting the most out of Magellan Jets membership programs.

Magellan Jets Memberships: 6 Important Tips

magellan jets memberships

1. Take Advantage of Guaranteed Fixed Rates

Since the cost of business jet services can fluctuate with the on-demand charter market, jet memberships cancel this uncertainty. For an initial investment of just $8,500, Magellan Jets members secure guaranteed fixed rates for 12 months, with access to a vetted fleet of four aircraft categories. Between locked-in rates and no black out dates or peak travel surcharges, members enjoy consistent and transparent pricing, even during the busiest times of year, like the holiday travel season. Members can also schedule flights on as little as 12 hours’ notice.

•Private Jet Membership: Enjoy Guaranteed Access And Locked-In Rates

2. Understand Your Membership Investment

The typical jet membership organization is often focused on one thing: fleet optimization. Their goal is to keep planes moving on a schedule that’s convenient and economical for the company, but often, not for its members. Meanwhile, Magellan Jets memberships are entirely focused on the guest, which is why their flights can never be moved to serve some else. In essence, Magellan Jets members are investing 100% towards their travel, and not towards a business’ operational overhead.

Unique to the industry, members are able to experience Magellan Jets without locking into a huge investment, as contract start dates don’t kicks off until the date of your first trip. That means an investment you make into a membership program doesn’t have to begin until you decide, on your terms.

3. MakE Booking Flights a Breeze with Magellan Jets’ Membership App

One of the biggest benefits of Magellan Jets memberships is exclusive access to the Magellan Jets app, available via web portal or on mobile iOS Apple devices. Members can use the app to: explore flight options and book trips; receive instant updates about any tail number, fixed-base operators (FBO) or other changes; review itineraries as well as arrival and departure information; update passenger information; and more. However, the most important aspect is that it works as a digital compliment to the Flight Support department, which you can connect with 24/7, 365 via the app.

•Magellan Jets App: Download Now

4. Rely on Flight Support Experts to Find the Perfect Aircraft

The power of Magellan Jets memberships lie in the experts in the Flight Support department, who work tirelessly to ensure every aspect of the member experience is perfect. Having a fleet and support team of pros in your pocket means you always have access to the perfect aircraft for any kind of trip.

It’s crucial to consult with the operations team, as private aviation is much different from the commercial experience. Don’t treat scheduling a member flight like booking an airline ticket. In order to secure the right aircraft that can both serve the mission as well as comfortably accommodates all guests and baggage, working with the Flight Support experts is key. They’ll make sure to find the right airplane for whatever the weather situation may be, how many people will be onboard, if it’s a business or personal trip, etc. By knowing all of this critical information going in, the Magellan Jets team will help you get the most out of your membership on every single flight.

5. Enjoy Discounts on Qualified Round Trips

Another benefit of being a Magellan Jets member is the 10% discount on qualified round trips, which are two hours of flying per day of your trip. While this automatically applies to qualified trips, the Flight Support team can only do so if you let them know both your departure and return dates.

6. Carbon Offsets, Catering & Additional Membership Benefits

Upgrade to Magellan Jets Premium Membership program to enjoy additional benefits, including multiple-aircraft daily usage and complimentary catering. Premium members also receive complimentary carbon offsets on all their flights as part of Magellan Jets’ going green collaboration with terrapass, the industry leader on carbon offsetting solutions.

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