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From The Cockpit Episode 3: Lifting Travel Restrictions

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, some states are beginning to lift travel restrictions and other lockdown requirements. Since each area of the country-not to mention the world-has different measures in place, understanding all the rules is no easy task. Thankfully, Magellan Jets Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber returns to From the Cockpit, the Magellan Jets podcast, to discuss the current landscape, the critical role business aviation plays for essential travel and more. Listen to From the Cockpit episode three below.

Magellan Jets Podcast: From The Cockpit Episode 3

To kick off episode three of From the Cockpit, Magellan Jets COO Todd Weeber breaks down what’s going to happen before travel restrictions and other measures are lifted on the ground. Weeber also reiterates the fact that private aviation has remained opened for business throughout the situation, serving vital missions for essential travel.

“First and foremost, just a reminder to everyone, aviation is open,” says Weeber. “Business aviation is open. Commercial aviation is open. It’s recognized by state and federal governments as an essential service.”

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Weeber explains how essential travel is “entirely possible” in the U.S., as well as any necessary “complicated international trips.” However, the difference is “what happens when you get there?”

Although many areas allow entry to non-locals, some countries are barring all outsiders. Overall, travelers must follow the specific procedures of each country, state or city. As the world eases travel restrictions, though, Weeber finds optimism in the fact that the U.S. is doing a good job in flattening the curve.

“From what we can tell from our vantage point, as a country, the United States is doing an excellent job of flattening what has become a proverbial curve,” says Weeber, noting positives like death rates. However, it’s ultimately up to individual governors and mayors to determine how they want to reopen local economies while minimizing the spread of coronavirus.

Travel Restrictions: Finding Safe Solutions in Private Aviations

Weeber breaks down what the CDC and WHO have outlined as requirements for lifting travel restrictions and other lockdown measures. Issues include getting disease transmission under control through contact tracing and testing; minimizing hotspot risks; putting preventative measures in place at schools, workplaces and other essential locations; as well as making sure we educate, engage and empower communities for this new normal.

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Weeber notes how business aviation and private jets already provide safe travel solutions for companies and individuals. Specifically, he discusses how it uniquely has the ability “to connect our thousands of public use airports in the United States,” and has “been open throughout the crisis.”

Weeber explains how private jets are inherently safer and a more responsible option for businesses. In particular, they’re easier to clean due to their size, and involve much less people than at airports.

“There’s smaller number of crew members involved,” says Weeber. “The private use terminals are far less dense population wise. Just the number of human beings in there is far less.”

From the Cockpit episode three also cover the role Magellan Jets plays. Find out more about our Flight Support crew and Private Aviation Consultants, who keep clients healthy, safe and informed. If you ever need help, “call us first,” says Weeber. Our team will help you “find out what’s going on.”

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